Thursday, July 31, 2008

McBlogging: Art and Ice Cream

I'm speed-McBlogging tonight because I want to get back in time for Project Runway. For those of you that are watching--who are you liking/disliking? I was happy to see that guy in the shorts go and I'm loving Stella purely for entertainment value--not so sure about her clothes yet. I love how much she loves "leathah"!
We are having so much fun on this vacation! Today was a great day. As usual--lots of swimming and eating. I won't tell you about lunch yet because I'm saving it for Restaurant Adventure Saturday--though it was hardly an adventure--but the best I could do.

Today we went to a fantastic art gallery. Don and I love to collect art--we don't have the biggest collection, but I adore the stuff we have. This gallery was very cool and is showing an amazing artist--we bought two of his sculptures. We can't take them home yet since they're part of the exhibit--but we're going back on Friday and I'll try to get some pics. One piece is a group of figures made out of heavy wire and the other is an crazy sculpure made out of rolled-up book pages. The basement of the gallery had a lot of "found objects" as art which I am very interested in. We got these:
They're antique (made in Germany) scientific drawings of a frog and a fly. OMG I love them! they're very large and I'm not sure where we're going to put them--but I'll make room!

We also got this:

It's a "potato basket" and I think it makes a beautiful art object. I'm going to put it on my dining room table! Maybe I'll find something kooky to put under it?
Pickle dropped her doll and doll bottle on the floor and Don and I thought if we put a price tag next to it, it could have passed as sculpture!
The gallery also has a separate little house across the street filled with vintage quilts--it was closed today but I looked in the window and they've got some beautiful things. When we go back on Friday, I'll be sure to get some pics (and maybe buy a quilt!?). I took these pics of Gooser outside the house. I can't wait to get in there!After that we took the kids to a "Fun Park" which they could not have been more excited about. They could play there all day. It has...

Go-carts! Let me just say that there is nothing in this world a boy loves more than a go-cart!

Even Gooser got to ride a "junior" go-cart. He crashed a couple of times--but he was still into it!
I think this was a little more his speed though:
They also have bumper boats:

and bumper cars:
and basketball in one of those inflatable things:
Meanwhile, Pickle had a Push-Up...
Even though Pickle just had ice cream, we headed off to our favorite pig-themed ice cream place next.The whole place is covered in pigs!
Even the parking lot!
And they have amazing ice cream:
McDonald's is very chaotic tonight! They're having a major leak in the ceiling and water is just pouring out. The employees are running around with buckets and those yellow slippery floor signs. Never a dull moment at McD's!
I'm going to race back now for Project Runway--let's dish about it!


KWolfAK said...

Your kids are so darned cute!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Will you adopt me? I'll be a really good big sister....and of course Z would need to come too! :)

Anonymous said...

I love that potato basket! I'm dying to know what you would put under there.

Anonymous said...

HA...I'm glad you "found" your award. I've been meaning to come tell you about it for 2 hours, but sicklies all need me....I'm sure you know how that goes.

Re Z's toe....I thought about calling him 'Toejam' sounds cute until you realize what it is...hahahaha

Kelly said...

Looks like another fun day! I'm watching Project Runway also, but I am behind by a couple episodes.
I really don't like Stella all that much though...there's only so much leathah rock star clothes I can take.

Brenda said...

I'm loving the potato basket! Can't wait to see where the bug art goes!

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much everyone! I'm very excited about that potato basket--I'll let you know what I end up putting in it.

Kelly--I'm not crazy about Stella's clothes--but she cracks me up w/ her leathah and her "gay little grommets." She's hysterical!! The dress that won was cool, but I don't think i'd wear it.

Heather said...

I love the art...the's all sooo good!!

CaraBee said...

I love the scientific drawings. I wish I had somewhere in my house they would work.