Monday, July 28, 2008

McBlogging: Nightmares, Blueberries and Old People

I'm enjoying McBlogging! If you don't know what I'm talking about, read yesterday's post. I have a cozy booth in the corner and McCafe isn't half bad! I got in "trouble" last night though when I got home--I guess I was at McD's for a really long time. Time flies when you're McBlogging!

So today's update:

First of all, when I got back last night, Don told me that Gooser woke up screaming and having a terrible nightmare. This has never happened before--once that kid is asleep you don't hear from him until the next morning--but Don said he was having a nightmare about Land of the Lost.

Remember that show? That campy masterpiece with the dinosaurs and the Sleestaks and the three moons? THIS:
I used to LOVE that show although it did terrify me. My sister and I would watch it every Saturday morning and set up little tents and things to hide in with our dolls because it was so scary. So I recently bought the box set of the dvds for my kids and they've been watching it non-stop in the car. Apparently, it's as scary as I remember--or at least it is to a five year old--because he was freaked out!! Don said he was shaking in fear for about an hour. The first thing he said to me this morning was this long, disjointed ramble about the Sleestaks and the crystals and they were frozen in a cave...Poor kid--he still wants to watch it though!

Anyway, today was more jam-packed, non-stop fun! We spent the morning swimming.
Notice that Gooser is still wearing his skull scarf from yesterday--he won't take it off! And doesn't Pickle look fetching in her swim suit?
After that we decided to go to a "Greek Festival" that's being advertised all over town--but when we got there, it was a banquet hall filled with old people and some dried-up looking gyros--so we left!

We decided to go to this cool outdoor restaurant. The tables are surrounded by sand and all kinds of outdoors games--volleyball, basketball, etc. so the kids can run and play when they're not eating--it makes for a peaceful lunch!

There was a neat old boat there that the kids loved playing on:
I don't know why there were so many balloons, but it made a great backdrop for pics!
The whole restaurant is surrounded by old doors. Kind of cool!
And they had a purple pig:
After that, we decided to go to an "ice cream social." My mom had seen a sign for it awhile back and insisted that it was going to be the most fun ever! OMG--it turns out it was on the lawn of an old folk's home and it was a bunch of old people sitting in folding chairs and listening to a guy sing melancholy patriotic songs. Here, look:
The kids were like--what are we doing here?? They did have some makeshift ice cream:
But it was a real downer! You know that funny bit they do on SNL with the folk singers doing songs about toddlers, jars of beer, spaceships and Model T cars? That was exactly was this singer was like!

So then it was on to blueberry picking! This is something we do every summer and it's always fun.
Pickle absolutely loved running around and eating bleberries non-stop.
I took these pics of Pickle and Gooser from behind--I like the way they turned out!
I spotted this old wagon-looking thing and I was like "Climb on kids and let me get your picture!" OMG--the thing started teetering and tipping back and forth and the kids were screaming and falling. But I balanced it with my foot and got the pic anyway! They're smiling--but they're actually terrified!
I'm being harrassed via iPhone to stop my McBlogging and get on back! Thanks for tuning in!


Ronda's Rants said...

The nerve...they want you to come back to your vacation...I mean your fans await! I love your pictures and as for right now, this is as close to a vacation as I will get to until August...I thank you! Hav fun! BTW, I am so desperate for FUN that the old folks ice cream social looks like exciting stuff for me!

Lori said...

Oh my heavens, those are some gorgeous pictures. The first one is amazing (not the Sleestaks but your boys jumping into the pool) -- how many tries did it take to get that shot? The expression on Gooser's face with the purple pig...! And Pickle in her swimsuit -- I want a Pickle!

KWolfAK said...

I remember Land of the Lost! My sister and I loved it, but my 4 year old brother used to run out of the room whenever the T-Rex roared!

Anonymous said...

First I must have that pig.

Second, my most scariest nightmares as a child were of the sleestack. I was convinced they were in the closet however I would never miss an episode. Loved that show.

Glad you are having a great time.

Brenda said...

I LOVED Land of the Lost - it was one of my favorite shows growing up! Do you remember a show around the same time that had a sea monster that lived in a kid's garage or playhouse? I can't remember the name!

Brenda said...

Never mind, I just googled it - "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters". I loved that show too! And the "Bugaloos"!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love it! I think you guys could have fun anywhere! Those pics are great....I like how you guys just see a sign for something and go check it out.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Everybody!

Brenda--I do remember Sigmund and the Seamonster--though not that clearly.

Lori--Thabks for the compliments on the pic--surprisingly, it only took 2 shots!

Kelly said...

Looks like everyone is having a great time. I just love the skull and crossbone do-rag Gooser is wearing!!

Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer,

You should definitely rent The Goonies....its one of those cheesy movie that you must see and subject your kids to as well.

And a I got the Yoda ball on Ebay....there is a whole line of Star Wars bowling balls...Darth Maul was really cool, but a bit scary!

CaraBee said...

That picture of Pickle in her swimsuit is absolutely precious! BTW - have you heard their planning a new Land of the Lost movie with Will Ferrell? Should be interesting!

Jennifer said...

Land of the Lost + Will Ferrell = I'm there opening night!!!

How exciting!!

Enik1138 said...

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