Sunday, July 6, 2008

Slimed Laptop = Blog Fodder

So I was doing my usual morning ritual of coffee and blog reading when Gooser came up to me with one of those squishy slime balls that you squeeze and make gross globules appear. You know--one of these:So he was squishing it and I was squishing it (he wanted to have a contest to see who could get the bigger, grosser "growth" out of it) while he rambled on about slimeballs and caveman (the SpongeBob caveman episode was on) and dinosaurs. I tried to answer all his questions--here is an excerpt:

Gooser: "What do cavemen eat?"

Me --meat

Gooser: "How do cavemen make fire with two sticks?"


Gooser: "Do cavemen always wear the same clothes?"


Gooser: "Why?"

Me--they didn't have a lot of clothes, they made them out of animal skins."

Gooser: laughs hysterically

Then I tried to explain cavemen and how we evolved, etc. etc.

Gooser "So, Mommy? We dissolved from cavemen?"

Me: yes (sometimes I can't correct him when what he says is so cute!).

Gooser: "So we dissolved from cavemen and now we are humans?"


Gooser: "I don't remember being a caveman."

Then, during my turn squishing, the slimeball exploded all over my laptop.

My first reaction was panic and horror and I ran to get paper towels and mop off the laptop and throw the squishball in the garbage. But then my blog-mind clicked in and I fished it out of the trash to get some pics.
What's in those things? Whatever it is, it doesn't appear to be harmful to computers...Gotta go--the older boys are exploding Mentos and Diet Coke in the backyard.


Hippie Family... said...

guess he won and made the bigger "grosser"

LiteralDan said...

As soon as I saw that giant pus-filled bubble, I thought, "That looks like an "Outside Toy." Ick

Glad you survived to blog another day!

Jennifer said...

Dan--I love your description of the "pus-filled bubble" That sums it up perfectly!!

Anonymous said...

I know when the cuteness is too cute it's too hard to correct them. That was adorable.

Heather said...

My mom got the girls each one of those and they are hypnotic. I would squeeze it and squeeze it just to watch the nodules pop out. Sadly, ours exploded too. Unfortunately, I didn't find it right away and it managed to take a Barbie down with it. She looked like something out of a horror movie. Ew.