Tuesday, July 29, 2008

McBlogging: Day Three

Things are really jumping at McD's tonight! Sirens in the parking lot! People running to the window! I hope there isn't a shoot-out or anything--although that would make for some fascinating blogging.

Other than the potential shootout, this had been a pretty mild-mannered day.

LOTS of swimming--I'm trying to swim laps for an hour every day to get some form of exercise. I have to admit, I'm enjoying it a lot more than my regular workouts.

We made blueberry pancakes with our freshly-picked fruit:
Note: Gooser is still in the skull scarf--even while wearing pajamas!
We went to an outlet mall nearby that's also become part of our summer tradition. "C'mon kids! Let's all go to the outlet mall!!" Actually, I was excited because they have a new Crocs store there--Crocs as far as the eye can see...
And a whole wall full of Croc "jewelry":
Some of the kids got new shoes and some just got new decorations:
Unfortunately, Don sneaked off at the mall and bought himself some sandals--knowing full well I have an aversion to men in sandals. We've been married for 16 and he's never so much as looked at a sandal--I'm not sure what's come over him--except that his feet must have been really hot? But there it is-I married to Sandal Man. Let's just hope he doesn't start wearing them with socks...

We had a very nice dinner and I had a couple of fresh mango margaritas! Delicious!!
I was holding one of Pickle's dolls during dinner (she makes me "rock' them) and three different people came up to us thinking it was a real baby.
Sigh--That really got me thinking that I would really love to have just one more baby--but Don says no go. It wold be so great to have a sister for Pickle! Or a fifth brother! (lol) If anyone has any brilliant ideas for getting him to change his mind--please share them with me!

McDonald's has quieted down a lot now--I'm the only customer left.
Oh great--and the shift key just fell off my laptop. I guess it's time to go!


Therese said...

I LOVE the croc outlet. We have one near my in-laws. Beautiful pics of your kids! Glad you are having a good time!

Lori said...

Had to come by for my daily Pickle fix!

Here's some advice I got from a friend when I wanted a third baby and hubby didn't: just tell him, "Honey, I'm going to have another baby. It might as well be yours."

noble pig said...

Since he wants to wear sandals, he must go with you for a pedicure right...tell him he also has to wear clear nail polish...he might go back to tennis shoes.

Ronda's Rants said...

Maybe...a few more of those mango drinks ...they looked wonderful!
I love Crocs...but mys son won't let my g-son wear them...he has an adversion to them!I think they look so cute on the kids.

Anonymous said...

hahaha....sorry about your shift key!

I love crocs! They came in sooo handy when I was pregnant too...as they were the only shoe that would fit my swollen feet.

Have Pickle start asking for a baby brother/sister...who could resist her????
Or, tell your husband you have an aversion to an odd # of children...as you are trying to build a team of some sort....

Teri said...

Man, that's a lot of Crocs going on there in your family. Actually, Sandal Man breaks up the Croc Fest a little. hehe

Kelly said...

1)Love Pickle's bathing suit
2)Still loving Gooser's skull cap
3)Croc outlet store = kid heaven
4)Way to go exercising on Vacation...I need your motivation!!
5)Looks like you're having a great time.

Shannon said...

I don't think my husband would let me get near a Croc outlet... I have a hard enough time resisting their website!!!

Gabi said...

You had me at mango margarita!! LOL... That croc store is COOL!!!!!

Gabi said...

You had me at mango margarita!! LOL... That croc store is COOL!!!!!

CaraBee said...

OMG, Pickle has some crazy blue eyes! So beautiful. I can't quite get on the Croc bandwagon. They look comfortable enough, but for anyone over the age of 6 they seem kind of weird. Like jellies.