Saturday, July 26, 2008

Semi-Bogus Restaurant Adventure Saturday!

Hello from vacation!! We have a really makeshift computer situation here--but I'm going to try my best to keep blogging. I want to continue to post our restaurant adventures, but the place we went to this week was a little on the bogus side, so I don't know if it really counts! We also went to a kind of half-baked place the week before--so I'm including both of them in one post.

The place we went to a couple weeks ago claimed to be African. That's what it said in the Zagat guide which I use as a reference for our food adventures. We got there, and it was a crepe place (?), granted an interesting crepe place, but a crepe place nontheless. I said to the waiter "Isn't this supposed to be an African restaurant?" and that led into a confused ramble about how it started as as African but then somehow morphed into a crepe place. "But," he said we do have an African crepe." So I ordered that. It had nuts and raisins and it was good!

And that was about as African as it got! The kids all had ham and cheese crepes:
Which certainly isn't much of an adventure! But they tasted good!
They had some cool lighting fixtures:
And a nice little tea service:
Although it was CRAZY hot that day:

Luckily they had fun ice water with cucumber and umbrellas:

Turns out my poor niece had heatstroke (that's her with Gooser) only we didn't realize it at the time.

Andy's hair went crazy (LOL)!
Pickle thought the vegetable soup was ok--but, all in all it wasn't much of an adventure!!
Psuedo food adventure #2 was a couple days ago--we attempted to go to a Moroccan restaurant, but it was some kind of weird combo place:
"Israeli and Moroccan Cuisine at its best."

This place was something of a disappointment. They had the typical sampler platter with hummus and falafel, etc.--we've all had that before!
We also ordered some lamb and chicken entrees that were just a'ight. I'm not clear where the Moroccan part came in?
The kids thought the canned nectars were kind of fun:

They got a little silly with food! Andy with pita face:
And Pickle with a pickle:
Pickle was feeding her dolls peas:
And, if you needed to sell a watch--this was your place!
All in all, Pickle thought it was sort of ok...
...but basically a snooze!
Let's hope next week is better! I don't hold out much hope of finding an exotic restaurant in the little town where we're staying...but we shall see!


Ronda's Rants said... sounds great anyway! Have fun...I will love getting away. Work is getting us d-o-w-n!!!
Have fun for us, too!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I finally know how to spell a'ight...cause i was wondering...I love watch signs too..overall it was an experience.

Kelly said...

I am just constantly amazed that your kids are so adventurious with food...I would love to have someone to go 'ploring with me!!

oº˚ Homeschool Mom˚ºo said...

{Thank you for the comment -- Love your site. Love the clowns}

CaraBee said...

Now I'm kind of hungry. I just love the picture of Pickle snoozing with her doll babies. Too cute!

Jess NBP said...

Thanks I just hope he keeps it up otherwise he'll stop and we wont get anything. Sometimes he just gets in those artsy ruts and doesn't do anything for months, but if we can sell these 5+ that he did today, a few I want to frame and keep at home.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish I had someone to go restraurant hopping with. My family will not try anything different. Although, I think I could eat at an Indian restaurant every day!!!

I wish Zander would eat more stuff like Pickle...he's fine with just a hot dog every meal! I'm getting sick of smelling wieners!!!

Hope you guys are having a great vacation!!!