Sunday, July 27, 2008

Vacationing and Blogging: The Fun Fair!

You want to know how dedicated I am to blogging? I'm on vacation and we have no wi-fi at our house--just a makeshift situation where my husband can sort of, kind of use his computer to check work stuff--but it would be impossible to upload pics and whatnot, so I am...drum roll, please...

Blogging from McDonald's! That's right, for the remainder of our vacation I'm officially McBlogging.

McD's has wi-fi--which I had to pay for (?) but whatevs--I'll sneak over here after I get the tots to bed and blog my little heart out. I hope someone is actually reading this--please tell me if you are--so I'm not hanging out at McD's alone for nothing!

We've only been here a day and we've already packed in tons of fun--swimming, eating, renting movies--but the highlight so far is that we went to a (my first!) County Fair! Now I'm a hardcore city girl so a county fair is like another world to me. C'mon! Let me show you around!

The fair was hot as blazes and I needed to protect little heads from the sun, so we promptly found a stand that sold kerchiefs? schmatas? I don't know what you call them--but little bandanna-like things you wear on your head. Loser me was reaching for one that I thought had palm trees on it--but it was marijuana plants. Oops! We didn't get that one... Here are the big boys with their funky new headgear:
And, of course, Gooser and Pickle needed them. I think this is a good look for Gooser--this might become a wardrobe staple! I also like the combo of dainty, ruffled dress and skulls on Pickle.

The coolest thing about the fair was all the animals! Goats, chickens, cows--you name it. The kids were in animal heaven and I think it's safe to say that Pickle is officially obsessed with goats.
I'll call these next few photos "Arsty angles of farm animals":

I seem to be drawn to udders!?And cow butts.
Is it just me, or do all chickens look crazy?
Punk rock chicken:
I think this goat likes Teddy...a lot!
Pickle was afraid to touch the baby chick:
They were actually selling the animals!! You could buy a chicken for four dollars! This amazed me somehow--I told you I'm a city girl.

I think I discovered my new favorite restaurant: Porky's!! I would kill for a t-shirt with that pig on it.
Unfortunately, Porky's only serves food on the carnival circuit--it might be awhile until I get my next Porky's fix...They had baked sweet potatoes with butter, cinnamon and marshmallows. Mmmmmmmmm!
And you can't go to a fair and not have a corn dog!
Or cotton candy:

There were plenty of games--that were surprisingly easy to win!

And one with a live mouse! This fair was the real deal, people!! The mouse is dropped onto a spinning wheel and runs into a numbered hole--we won a Batman pillow! I think this could be classified as mouse abuse.
And don't forget the rides!
My poor, sainted husband agreed to go on this one with Patrick (nobody else would!). Amusement park ride or Dante's unwritten tenth circle of Hell? You decide:
It's basically going round and round in a giant circle of terror. They would've had to carry me out on a stretcher if I had gotten on that thing! I'm not sure that Don will ever be the same...

Oh, and, I won a fish!!!
Who is temporarily living in a fair-appropriate container:

I think I should name her Candee Fluff, don't you?

I call this last pic Too Long at the Fair--see the cotton candy smeared all over her face?
I must leave McDonald's now--for I am weary and my McCafe has gone cold. Please join me tomorrow for some more fun-filled McBlogging!


Ronda's Rants said... looks like you had fun...the last picture is priceless! Enjoy, can't wait until tomorrow!

Lori said...

Man, ya'll did the fair up right! I might steal that fish name for my blog...

Keep McBlogging!

Phil said...

Never, ever play the game with the fish. EVERYONE wins the fish. The fish will make your life hell, because the fish will DIE and you will have to explain it to your younger children. And then you will have to have a proper burial for the fish.

I hate the fish.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm here....and so glad you are have now coined a new term which I'm sure will catch on.

That fair looks like soo much fun...right down to the udders. Udderly fun? No? Bad joke?

You did buy a chick, didn't you? Everyone needs a chicken....

Pickle looks like a cute fluffy pirate in her skull bandanna....cute as ever...did you have to hose her off?

J'Ollie Primitives said...

Can't wait for our county fair next month...or is it this month?

what's not to love about cow butts and cotton candy covered little girls? Great pics!

Have a great vacation!

Tami said...

Looks like u guys had a GREAT time at the fair!!!

BTW, I am reading ur blog, so keep McBlogging!!!

Jen/michmomma said...

Keep McBloggin girl! The fair looked fun. Not sure that I'll ever get those vein-y looking udders out of head, though. :D

CaraBee said...

Alright, those udders are a bit mesmerizing. And chickens ARE crazy.

Keep on McBlogging!

Kelly said...

I love it!!! need to copywrite that one!!
The fair looks like you all enjoyed it to the fullest...Love the last picture of Pickle!! That picture sums up the whole day!

Shannon said...

Looks like you all had a great time!
Candee Fluff... great name for the fish :)

Kimmy said...

You look like you guys have so much fun!! I love the chicken pic as I have had a couple as pets. Which mind you, I live in the suburb and one was when I lived in an! Believe it or not, chickens make awesome pets!! lol!

dddiva said...

Okay I am so adding you to my blog list. So glad I found you through SITs.