Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm So Excited! I Got Awards!

I received this little beauty this past week:It's extra exciting because it's my first blog award!! Look how it sparkles!

A big, big thank you to Ronda at Ronda's Rants --I am really enjoying her blog and find it very inspirational.

Another huge thank you to Lori at Lori's Blog --she is super sweet and has 3 adorable kids.

And another enormous thank you to Jen at Two Knit Monkeys --she has two zany monkey friends that go on all kinds of adventures!

Thanks again so much to all of you!! I know I need to give the award out too--and I will get to that soon--but what with the trip we're about to leave on, I need a little more time.

Also, I'll still be blogging from our trip--so get ready to go on vacation with me!!


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