Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cowboy Gooser

I can't believe this is the last week of camp! The summer is flying by so fast--I can feel the days just slipping through my fingers. Before I know it, we'll be back to school and faced with all kinds of new changes. Andy is starting high school--which terrifies me and Gooser will be starting kindergarten--which just depresses me. So I'm clinging to every last second of summer!!

Our crazy camp does not disappoint--they're going out with a bang this week! Every single day has a theme and the kids are supposed to dress accordingly. Here's what we've got:

Monday--Cowboy and cowgirl day.

Tuesday-- "Crazy hair" day (Gooser will have a fauxhawk, I'll be sure to post pics!).

Wednesday--Pajama day.

Thursday--Olympic day (they're supposed to wear red, white and blue).

Friday--Hawaiian beach party day.

So today was Cowboy Day and, of course, I forgot about it until this morning so I was scrambling around searching for anything "cowboy" that's not too hot to wear in the middle of summer. I got lucky and found a cowboy hat--done!

Just to backtrack a little--my oldest son, Andy, starred in his school play this year as Curly (a cowboy) in Oklahoma. Since Gooser (age 5) adores Andy, he went stark-raving Oklahoma along with him and he learned all the songs that Andy sang in the play and even some of the lines! It was pretty cute! The best moment was when I was working out with my trainer in the living room (I have to have a trainer because I'm too lazy to exercise on my own...) and Gooser entered wearing his Black Spiderman costume and Andy's giant cowboy boots and started singing "Surrey With the Fringe on Top." The trainer was like ???.

Anyway, since it was Cowboy Day, Gooser got into Curly mode again and did a few numbers for us. Here is a little clip of him singing Oh What A Beautiful Morning:

Look out, American Idol!



Ronda's Rants said...

Please thank him for me...he MADE my morning! That was great!!!

Candid Carrie said...

Awesome video. Great looking house, I would never leave it. I would had everything brought in, too.

Kelly said...

How adorable is he?! I loved it!! I think you should do a regular segment: "Gooser sings"!

Kendrawolf said...

What a cutie he is! Make sure you post a first day of school pic for us to see!

Heather said...

Sung with SUCH great character and enthusiasm. Two thumbs up!!

noble pig said...

He is one enthusiastic kid...just adore him!

Betsy said...

I'm impressed. Five kids and a daily blog post. What is my excuse. I've got two kids and only manage a post or two a month to my personal blog.

Brittany said...

So funny, i was Annie in Oklahoma in High School, and he is WAY more talented than our Curly ever was!

Jen/michmomma said...

Oh Jen- is he ever the cutest! :)