Saturday, August 2, 2008

McBlogging: Pseudo Restaurant Adventure Saturday

As many of you know, I'm on vacation right now in a very small town (just to give you an idea--there is a combination video store/bait shop) so it's not exactly a Mecca for exotic restaurants. However, I did the best I could and we went to:

Roadside Taco Stand!


Of course, we've had Mexican food before, but I think this was the first time we all went to an outdoor stand and ate the food in the parking lot--so that made it an adventure!


It also didn't hurt that we were having:


The "Best Mexican Food in the World"!!!

The food was delicious--though I actually think I have had the best Mexican food in the world--but it wasn't here!

The kids enjoyed eating in the parking lot at a picnic table.
Pickle adores rice--so she was happy.

All the kids love those Mexican soda called Jarritos--and they were excited about the huge selection of flavors. Guava!



And there was a fun/ny selection of sauces:


Here are some random pics of Teddy and Patrick eating:



I think the best part of this taco stand for me was all the cool photo possibilities. I had a field day with these candles:



Well, I was going to show more of my artsy pics, but I had to run out of McDonald's in a frenzy after Don called with an emergency. I'm back at our house (with very limited Internet) and it all turned ok--but I'll have to wait and tell you all about it tomorrow...



Lori said...

You know, it's a shame all your kids are so camera-shy. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my....glad to hear everything turned out ok.

Now I'm craving Mexican....thanks!

Kelly said...

You know out of all the exotic eateries you've been to, this roadside stand will probably be the one the kids remember! ;)
Those candles were took some great pics!
I'm anxious to hear about your "emergency"; glad to hear everyones okay...

Shannon said...

Glad the emergency turned out all right!

You take great pictures!

Ronda's Rants said...

Beautiful kids! I love going on vacation with you guys!

Therese said...

Looks yummy! I love good Mexican food!

noble pig said...

I am so jealous of your adventurous eating kids.

Kendrawolf said...

Girl, you and your hubby sure made some beautiful kids!!!!

Lori said...

hee hee... At first I thought noble pig said "I am so jealous of your adventures eating kids". 8O

leezee52 said...

I hope every things ok. The meal looks wonderful! I love the candles too!

CaraBee said...

I so want some Mexican food now.