Sunday, August 3, 2008

McBlogging: Last One (sniff,sniff)

Well, this was our last full day of vacation and I'm really depressed. Tomorrow will be a frenzy of packing and cleaning and driving. We have had SUCH a good time and I hate to see it end.

But first things, first--the "emergency" last night was Don calling me in the middle of my blogging and telling me that one of ours dogs, Hazel, had escaped from the yard and had completely disappeared. I have Italian greyhounds and they are tiny and fast and they just run helter-skelter--they have no clue about things like running in front of cars.

So I dropped everything and tore out of the McD's parking lot like a bat out of hell. It's a horrible feeling to have a lost pet--all sorts of thoughts (mainly guilt) and horrific visions were going through my head.

It was pitch black outside and the dog had already been missing for a good forty five minutes by the time I got home. I was especially worried because there are vast foresty areas all around and a busy highway not too far away. Also, since we're not at home, I doubted she would have any clue how to find her way back to the house.

The kids were crying when I got back-- they had already been out calling and searching for a long time--there was NO sign of her. So I headed out, first by foot and then by car, but there was no trace--no sound of tags jingling-- just darkness and quiet all around. I gave up after about an hour of looking.

When I got back, Don said he and Teddy (who was completely hysterical) wanted to take the car and search some more. But a couple minutes after they left, I could hear Teddy frantically calling Hazel's name so I ran outside. Don was screaming "There she is!!" but I was completely blinded by the car's headlights and he was like "That way!" (apparently he was pointing--like that helped-- a.) in the dark and b). with the headlights in my eyes. )

Then it was like something out of a sitcom. I was screaming "Right or left!?" and Don was like "Left!" "No--your right, my left!" It was complete chaos and all of us were running in different directions.

Finally I got a handle on where Hazel was--she looked completely crazed--panting and running every which way. So I kneeled down and quietly called to her and she came right over. It was such a relief to pick up that quivering little dog! The kids were all jumping and cheering!

I have no idea where she was that whole time (we're calling it Hazel's Excellent Adventure)--but at least she had the sense to come back. I was SO relieved for the kids.

Here's a picture of her with Teddy--you can see that he'd been crying, poor thing. Hazel looks like she's in a complete stupor in that pic.
There's so much more to tell about our vacation and I have a lot of fun pics--so I think I'll continue tomorrow when we get home. I'm getting a little sick of McDonald's--but I think I've cultivated a kind of mysterious presence around here. When I was buying my McCafe tonight the cashier said "Are you the one that comes here every night with your laptop?" And I was like "Yeah--I have to do my blog." She looked really impressed! So, no more McBlogging--but still more vacation updates to come!



Ronda's Rants said...

Oh I am so glad... we love our dogs around here too! We have a golden retriever who is perfect however we have a chocalate lab...who makes a run for it every now and again. We live on a lake and she always goes in for a swim while I am frantic a gator will get her! Have a ebautiful day and thansk again for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Whew! Glad to here Hazel's Excellent Adventure is over. Yeah, Teddy looked relieved and Hazel looked like "What just happened?" Scary stuff....especially since, like you said, you aren't home.

Have a safe trip back!!!

Kelly said...

Hazel's excellent adventure = incredible family stress!
I had no idea what an "italian greyhound" looked like so I googled them (before I realized you had a 2 pictures on your Mcblog-I'm slow...)They look adorable!
I'm so happy it all worked out and you've had a wonderful, fun-filled vacation! Can't wait to see more pictures!

Lori said...

What McDrama! I don't know who I was feeling worse for, Teddy or Hazel. Glad it had a happy ending.

Anonymous said...

Thank God you found her and the kids OMG I bet they are ecstatic.

Hazel might need a pregnancy test though...he-he.

Miss Blondie said...

Glad Hazel is back and safe! That can be so scary! Hey, stop by my site, i have something for you.

Candid Carrie said...

Teddy's gorgeous, Hazel is too.

We had fostered greyhounds for years, oodles of them, and once they start running they just don't quit. And you were right, the best way to get a runaway dog is to do something unusal like sit down or lay down and then will come to you because "hey, why did my human fall over."

Welcome McHome ;)

J'Ollie Primitives said...

very McFunny. Loved it that you impressed the counter girl with "I HAVE to do my BLOG" Imagine the scene....drawling out those six words with the air of a sophisticated yet jaded professional...

Glad your dog is back, that can be so scary, especially away from home!