Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Continuing Saga Of My Vacation...

This is the vacation that just won't end! There's still more to tell and a few more pics to share.

I have a few random pool shots. We spent so much time in the pool every day and I just have SO many pics--must show more...

Three big boys.


And Pickle.
OK--that's it for the pool. Finally!

Another fun thing we did was visit a nearby vineyard. It was so beautiful! We had lunch in their amazing restaurant which had large windows and views of the vineyards all around. Also, hanging every few feet at the windows were bird feeders and dozens of these bright yellow birds.
They are called Gold Finches.

Here are the boys with the vineyards behind them.
And of course there was lots of wine. I'm far from a wine expert, but the one I ordered at lunch was touted as "Bob Hope's Self-Proclaimed Favorite Wine." That was good enough for me--and I thought it was delicious! Apparently, that wine makes up for fifty percent of their wine sales.

We also did a small wine tasting. One really interesting one was made from cherries and tasted like a cherry pie--with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg--it was so good! We ended up buying a case of a few that we had sampled:
One day, we'll have to go back without the kids and do a full-blown tasting.

Another fun thing we did was take the kids to ride on a real steam engine.
Gooser is our train guy, but Pickle seemed to love the ride more than anyone!

Here's one more pic of the boys at the train yard:
Finally, the boys love to climb this ginormous sand dune. Luckily, Don doesn't mind climbing it with them. I'm pretty sure it would kill me if I tried! Here they are right after climbing back down:
That's it! The trip is now officially over! Thanks for coming on vacation with us!!
Wait! A few more tidbits...

I saw this funny sign on a car for sale while on vacation and emailed to The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. It's a funny blog!! The owner of the car needs some help with spelling as well as punctuation...
Also, sad news--Candee Fluff (the fish) didn't make it past a few days on the trip. And I had just bought that giant can of fish food... Phil--you were about about the fish in your comment! R.I.P., Candee Fluff. She's gone to that big toilet in the sky!
And, finally, Karla from Zander and Me asked why I'm never in the pics. I told her that A.) I'm the family photographer and 2.) I hate seeing myself in pics. But--here you go Karla! It's a pic of me at my very worst--first thing in the morning, eyes semi-swollen and no make up. The only good thing is that Pickle and I are wearing our matching pajamas from Hanna Andersson. All together now: Awwwwwww!



Ronda's Rants said...

Jennifer...you are truly very pretty and especially in the morning....dear God in heaven, I want to be fealess but I could never post a picture of me in the morning!!! I love you vaction pictures!

Ronda's Rants said...

I do love you but I meant to type...I love youR VacAtion pictures....I am the worst typist!

Ronda's Rants said...

And...that is fearless!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love all your pics...especially the one of you and Pickle in matching pjs. You look GREAT in the morning with no makeup!!! Seriously. If I posted a picture of me in the morning...you all would donate money to cure some disease that you would think I'm afflicted with to help a girl out!

Love all the family pics....and that water looks so inviting in that pool!

Thanks for taking all of us on vacation with you. Sorry about Candee Fluff.

Lori said...

What great pics you take, and what a beautiful family. Thanks for taking us along on your vacation!

Therese said...

What beautiful pictures! Love the PJ shpt!

Jennifer said...

Thank you for the compliments on the pj shot! And thanks again for coming on vacation w/ us!!

noble pig said...

Yahoo for the vacation vineyard stop! You know I'm all about it!

And RIP fishy! Boo-hoo.

Kelly said...

Love the matching jammies!!! Some mother/daughter things are so fun to do...when Pickle is a little older you should do afternoon tea with her at a local hotel that does the authentic tea...we started that tradition this past X-mas.
I loved all the pics from your vacation. Impressions I got: Your children are very photogenic, your kids are good sports (or you didn't take any pictures of them melting down), and your vacation was very successful. Thanks again for sharing

Petunia Face said...

Adorable kids and I LOVED LOVE LOVE the graphics on your blog! I think I actually used the same artwork on a work project for productr developing holiday ornaments a few years ago...
Great blog!