Saturday, August 9, 2008

Korean Cuisine: Restaurant Adventure Saturday!!

Wow--this was our wildest restaurant adventure yet! I'd never had Korean food before, so I didn't know what to expect--it was a crazy ride!!

First, this ominous-looking sign on the door:
The little parking area was right in front of the restaurant--how dangerous a neighborhood were we in??

Everything about this place was a little overwhelming. The drink menu basically gave you the choice of either "hard liquor" or Coke. I opted for water, but towards the end of the meal, the hard liquor was looking pretty appealing! Wait a minute--I just noticed this when posting the pic--the hard liquor was $59.95??? What the...?

The menu was very confusing and the waitress seemed impatient for me to order. I hurridly ordered some kind of beef, something simply called "bacon", and baby octopus. Every time I ordered an item the waitress kind of gave me a "you don't really want that" look. It was all kind of unnerving!

Then this was placed on the table:
A giant bowl of red-hot charcoal. Along with these:
Dozens of little bowls filled with mysterious mysteries!

One of them contained teeny tiny fish:
The kids were surprisingly into these and finished the whole bowl!

Even Pickle liked them!
The other big hit was this bowl of weird gelatin-like "noodles." But they were crunchy...and salty! When I asked the waitress what they were she simply said "Jell-O."
The kids all totally loved those!
Suddenly, a big platter of raw meat arrived. I asked the waitress if I was supposed to cook it and she handed me a giant pair of tongs.
This is where things got a little scary! And the food just kept coming...

The bacon was--surprise! A big slab o' bacon!
My cooking-bacon-over-hot-coals-skills are lacking, I think:
Way too much smoke and uneven cooking. I think I served some of the kids semi-raw bacon. Please cross your fingers we don't all get trichinosis! Also, the bacon was not that good--it wasn't "smoked" (except for the smoke from my poor cooking skills) like we're used to bacon tasting--so it was kind of bland. But the beef!! OMG! The beef was delicious--we ended up ordering more.

Then the octupus arrived:
And luckily my grilling techniques were improving. Look at me grilling and taking pics at the same time! The octo was SPICY but very good.

At one point the waitress inexplicably handed me this giant pair of scissors.
I was like "Oh, thank you!" But I had no clue what I was supposed to do with them. Cut something, I guess?

Gooser seemed overwhelmed by the whole experience, but he ate everything!
And Teddy got creative with some lettuce.
We are definitely going to have to go back here. For one thing, I didn't come close to exploring the menu--there was stuff on there like "Spam casserole" and "goat meat with vegetables." Also, the next time around I think I'll be better at grilling--plus I won't order the bacon.

Pickle says:

Korean food? Bring. It. ON!!


Ronda's Rants said...

Wow...are you not the bravest lady ever! Now, let me get this straight you went into this place by yourself...not even a camera man! We have got to get you a TV show! As for me...I haven't had meat in like 3 months...I think if they put all that bacon on my plate I would have puked! This was fun...though...I think our family should start this adventure.

must not be blank said...

I can't believe your kids are so willing to try 'weird' food. My 16 year old exists on meat, bread and chicken Caesar salad!

Anonymous said...

Oh my....I agree with Rhonda. You are all very brave.

Glad you all had such a good time and enjoyed everything.

Pickle is so adventurous...I think Zander will eat like 5 things in the world...he would never try all of that. Actually though, I wouldn't either....

The pics, as usual, were great!

amelia bedelia said...

The scissor thing was hysterical. Maybe the waitress though you needed a quick haircut!

Lori said...

Well, if that was not the most bizarre-o dining experience I've ever heard of! The only Korean cuisine I've ever had was homemade, and the chef had to work with some pretty tame ingredients. It was good, though.

Miss Blondie said...

Wow, you guys are brave. I'm not so sure i'd be able to eat any of that. But i think it's great your kids ate it!

Cheryl Ann said...

What an odd experience. Good for you for trying new things, and kudos to your kids! Thanks for the comment on my Friday foto ;)

Deb@Mommie Mayhem said...

Wow .. you are one brave mom. I would have run at the site of that sign ..... hot bowl of charcoal .. ummm wtf lol .. I would have deff ordered the hard liqueur ! Great Blog !

Jamy said...

Haha, okay I love the sign about your valuables! That's comforting, right? You are too funny. I love slab of bacon and the scissors! Can't believe your kids ate that stuff. I'm so jelous. I can't get my 4 yr old to eat a hamburger, let alone weird salty noodles! Cute pictures...

Buttons and Dots Photography said...

You are braver than me, I couldn't eat octopus. Squid freaked me out! I am surprised the kids ate it, mine would have thoguht I had laso my mind! Thanks for the comments on my blog yesterday!

Kelly said...

I love coming over on Saturdays; I guess to live vicariously!
So, did you ever figure out what the scissors were for?
Do you venture out to these dinners with just you and the kids or does your husband come also?

debi9kids said...

Wow! What a fantastic experience! I have never eaten Korean food, but looks like a necessity now . :)

Shannon said...

I love reading about all your restaurant adventures! Its great that your kids are willing to try new foods (not only willing, but it looks like they enjoy it, too). My 5 year old would eat mac & cheese, chicken nuggets and cereal every day if I'd let her.

Forgetfulone said...

You are way more adventurous than I am. I don't think I would have eaten a bite! Very interesting post.

Heather said...

wowzers, your kids are a lot braver than I am. I would have passed on everything...especially the eyeballs! glad you had fun though.

Ruth said...

You are a multi-tasker extraordinaire!

Unknown said...

What I want to know ... is did you ever find out what you were supposed to do with the scissors?

Jennifer said...

LOL Karen--No--the scissors will forever remain a mystery!

letterstoelijah said...

You are one brave girl! You couldn't pay me to try that.. it looked like something from StarTrek. And your kids... adventuresome! Any other crazy food you've eaten?