Sunday, September 21, 2008

More From the Bacon Addict and a Fun Game!

Well, I think I've kicked Pickle's bacon addiction up a notch! I made the mistake of buying this:That's right--bacon AND candy! Poor Pickle didn't have a chance! Has anyone tried this? This is actually the second time I bought this candy bar--I really like it (and obviously Pickle does) but Don thinks it's gross and practically spit it out when he tried it. The boys think it's "ok" but didn't seem overly thrilled. Maybe it's a girl thing?

Here's a couple pics of Pickle and her new treat:

In a happy bacon-chocolate stupor while the dog lurks pathetically in the background.
I didn't think bacon could get any better--but it has! Oh it has!

In this next pic it looks like she can't quite wrap her mind around the concept.

It looks like candy, but it tastes like I dreaming?

Check out the chocolate-covered lips:NOBODY touches my bacon candy!

And now onto the fun game! My new blogfriend, Kathy, from Kathalog has a fun challenge on her blog called the Thingamajig Challenge. She says to search around your house in closets, garage--wherever--and try to come up with some interesting items--ones that people might not know what they are or what they're used for. If you want to play, post pics of your item on your blog and link back to her.

I was happy to do this and came up with some things--but nothing too "out there." Do you recognize these items and know what they're for?


3. (never mind my little doll--I'm talking about the wire thing).8.Photobucket


Dee said...

Interesting stuff!
1 is a doorstop?, 2 a hat holder?, ummm..the little people are egg cups with lids? The cage thing is a old fashioned cake coverer??? or a mini chook pen? LOL

Thats all I have, I'm stumped.

Dee said...

Oh, I wonder who thought to cover bacon in chocolate? Then actually market it. Bit like chocolate covered beef jerky I guess!! Death by chocolate takes on a new meaning.

Kelly said...

I don't know if I'd even have the guts to try that candy! I leave all for you and Pickle!!

1. Is is one of those things that you pull up the tail and a cigarette comes out the butt?
2. Mini-desk secretary?!
3. ashtray
4. decorative piece or was it part of something else originally?
5. salt and pepper shakers
6. I have no idea, but is that a bloody knife on the top?!
7. fish/crabbing net
8. old carriage wheel cover

How did I do?

SouthernDogwoods said...

I believe I know #1 & #3.
1 - is a dog nutcracker
3 - is a flower holder - I forgot the true name of it.

And I love bacon but I am not sure about chocolate covered bacon - where did you find this?

Jo-Jo said...

I have to say the bacon candy sounds a bit gross to me but of course I am more of a sausage girl myself.

The first thing looks like a brass paper weight. Are the little people salt and pepper shakers?

Jennifer said...

The bacon bar is by Vosges. They have some stores around or you can buy it online. I happened to find this one at Cost Plus when I was shopping there yesterday.

I'll post the answers to the game tomorrow--keep guesing!

Anita J. said...

1 is a cigarette dispenser? And the wire thing is to protect a plant, right?

Shannon said...

I first thought it was just a bacon-flavored chocolate bar... but no, it is chocolate covered bacon, right? HA! That is too much! Pickle must be in heaven!

The "strangest" chocolate goody I've ever had is chocolate covered potato chips... actually pretty good!

I have no idea what any of your thingamajigs are... but I will be back to check out the answers.

Heather said...

Is number three a flower frog?

t said...

the little one is a CUTIE PIE!!!

bacon and chocolate? Oh don't think I could do it. Although...hmmmm...sounds like a good breakfast!!

THe brown hair lasted 12 hours ... I'm back to blonde. The Daily Brown sounded awful! :)

CaraBee said...

I've seen those bacon candy bars before. I am strangely draw to them but haven't dared try yet.

1. Doorstop
2. Shoe Shine Box
3. Ashtray
4. Trivet
5. Egg cups
6. Pulley with a railroad spike
7. Cake Cover
8. Stepping stone

Lori said...

Chocolate... bacon... am I dreaming?? Just about the only thing that could make me continue scrolling down past a picture of chocolate bacon is a picture of Pickle.

Ronda's Rants said...

I with your Hubby on this one...gross candy! ;0 Hey, I have an award for you!!!

Becky said...

That is dedication to bacon!

Anonymous said...

If Pickle likes bacon she will LOVE Bacon Jerky.

It's bacon for people on the go. :)