Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm in a "listy" mood tonight and I saw this on JoJo's blog so I'm stealing it!

Seven things I do well:
1. Knit/crochet.
2. Paint (watercolor).
3. Drive/parallel park.
4. Chocolate chip cookies.
5. Obsess about Gerard Way.
6. Dress Pickle.
7. Cook Thanksgiving dinner

Seven things I don't do well:
1. Go to bed early
2. Get up early.
3. Play sports.
4. Say no to dessert.
5. Drive slowly.
6. Enthusiastically pack lunches for school.
7. Math.

Seven things I have never done:
1. Been to China.
2. Ridden on a motorcycle.
3. Gotten a tattoo (though I'm planning on it).
4. Smoked.
5. Skydiving.
6. SCUBA diving.
7. Learned how to play a musical instrument.

Seven things I want to do:
1. Go to Africa during Spring Break
2. Get a tattoo.
3. Sing really well.
4. Meet Gerard Way
5. Swim with dolphins.
6. Have one more baby!
7. Become a famous artist!

Seven things I say often:
1. Makeshift
2. Haywire
3. Gormless (new favorite word).
4. I smell a smelly smell that smells smelly.
5. It's like an inferno in here.
6. Don't step in any dog dirt...or cat dirt.
7. What's this stupid stupidity?

Seven things my kids think I say often:
1. Clean the rat cage!
2. Turn off the boob tube.
3. You guys are eating like you're going to the chair.
4. If I go on that ride, they'll have to take me out of here on a stretcher.
5. I just bought that can of Pringles yesterday!
6. C'mon kids! Let's go to Starbucks!.
7. Don't step in the urine.

Seven things I will NEVER say:
1. It's too cold in here! Turn off the air conditioning!
2. I think I'll go to bed at 10:00 tonight!
3. I love to exercise!
4. No, I don't want any sushi.
5. Let's watch some football!
6. I love driving behind old people!
7. I'm not afraid of bees!

I'm tagging Everybody!!



Ronda's Rants said...

Oh wow...I wanted a tattoo and I got one and I wanted to ride a motorcycle and that was what my first blog was about...I also want to scuba dive although I am not sure my 50 year body can do it!!!

Shannon said...

I agree... you do dress Pickle very well :)

And "You guys are eating like you're going to the chair" made me laugh. out. loud!!! That is hilarious!

oº˚ Homeschool Mom˚ºo said...

I always wanted a tatto! My sisters have one and they said it hurt like HELL! Loved the post I may print it out and have my kids try and do it. That would be fun! Much Love -- don't forget to come by I left you something!

Kori said...

Oh these are awesome things about you.

As far as the tattoo don't think about it... Just do it.

Jennifer said...

The problem w/ getting the tattoo is finding exactly what I want! It has to be *just right*!!

I'd do it today if I knew what image I wanted...Maybe something My Chemical Romance? Maybe something w/ an eyeball?

I'm open to ideas!!

Anonymous said...

I knew you wanted another baby! OMG you would be so busy, do it, I'm so curious to know if it would be a boy or a girl.

Lori said...

Jennifer, could you turn down the air conditioner so I can make myself cozy at your blog and watch some football? And bring me another can of Pringles?

Sue Wilkey said...

WHO is Gerard Way? I am fascinated by other people's crushes. it makes me feel more normal about how I am going to marry Joe Jonas.

Jennifer said...

Ronda--I want to hear all about your tattoo!

Shannon--I think I say that a lot! I asked Andy to tell me some of the things I say to them and that was one of the first things he came back with!

Anissa--Get a tattoo, too!

Kori--Do you have a tattoo? If so--what is it?

Cathy--I would LOVE too--but Don's not into the idea.


Sue--Gerard Way is the singer from My Chemical Romance. He's also my boyfriend. Maybe we han have a double wedding??

Jo-Jo said...

I can't say no to sweets either! Thanks for doing the 7x7! I have trouble...well lets be honest...I can't say no to desserts! I have a little something on my page for you. Come on over to see what it is!

Kori said...

Eating like you're going to the chair? I LOVE that! Mind if I steal it for myself?

Jennifer said...

Jo-Jo--I used to not have much of a sweet tooth--it's getting worse the older I get!

Kori--LOL--steal away!!

Anonymous said...

What a great list! Gormless...I Love it!!!! Use it in a sentence please so I can steal it....correctly.

I have 3 tattoos and I swam with dolphins...I highly recommend both! :)

Jennifer said...

Here you go Karla:

Although he appeared intriguing in the photo, he proved to be quite gormless and uninteresting in person.

It means stupid!

I'm jealous of your tattoos and your dolphin-swimming!

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

What? I'm not the only one who has to warn her kids about stepping into pet droppings? LOL
Great list!

Anonymous said...

Seven things I do well:

1. Eat
2. Listen
3. Exercise
4. Spell
5. Love my family
6. Kiss
7. Enjoy the moment

Seven things I don't do well:

1. Go to bed late! :)
2. Anything that requires patience
3. Throw things in the trashcan (ALWAYS miss)
4. Stay angry
5. Stay calm at the kids' bedtime
6. Draw
7. Back up in my car (have gotten in three accidents that way!)

Seven things I have never done:

1. Gotten a tattoo
2. Had a blog or website
3. Nursed a baby for longer than six weeks
4. Gone for a run outside at night, alone
5. Cheated on my husband
6. Gone riding on a snowmobile
7. Gone dogsledding

Seven things I want to do:

1. Have another baby (well, at this second I feel that way... won't feel that way in another second)
2. Make tons of money
3. Get out of debt
4. Finish the remodel on my house and then repair the outside and plant lots of beautiful plants!
5. Lose ten pounds
6. Go running at night! Maybe not alone :)
7. Travel all over the US with my seven kids

Seven things I say often:

1. It's time to get to bed!
2. Cool!
3. Really?
4. Just a moment
5. Cute
6. I want a baby
7. OK

Seven things my kids think I say often:

1. Go to bed!
2. Are you done with your homework?
3. Let's clean up!
4. Please get started clearing the table
5. How was your day today?
6. You look really cute today - did anyone say they liked your shirt?
7. Time to get off the computer!

Seven things I will NEVER say:

1. I hate babies
2. Let's stay up all night!
3. I have no appetite
4. I am soooo calm
5. I hope today is a hot and sunny day!
6. I love doing the dishes!
7. I hate having a big family

Lex the mom said...

That list of 7 you don't do well - I could share it with you!

I think I have to ask my kids what I say often...that could be funny. Even funnier if I asked them what their dad says often.

I have a rose tattoo on my shoulder & I didn't think it really hurt much at all. I think it depends on where you get it. If it's a meaty part, not too much pain; if it's near a bone - more pain.

If you get a tattoo - make sure it's something you'll feel comfortable having sagging on whatever wrinkled body part when your upwards of 90 years old. ;)

Jennifer said...

Dysfunctional Mom--I should add that when I say that things about pet droppings--I do it in an Irish accent!

Jaime--Great list!! And you don't need to lose 10 pounds!!

Lex--I was thinking of getting the tattoo on my ankle--hopefully that part won't sag too much?

Anonymous said...

You're too kind, Jennifer. :)
ITA that the ankle is a very nonsagging spot. Good thinking!