Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Long Weekend Wrap-Up!

We are back from yet another weekend getaway! More fun in the sun and relaxing--probably the last of the season now that school is underway. We had a great time! I think my favorite part was an "outsider art" show that we went to. They had the most amazing stuff and we bought a couple of cool things.

Here is weird voodoo type doll that I love and a kooky art piece:
The thing on the wall is an old Wheel of Fortune from a carnival--we bought it and are putting it in the kitchen.
The kids were posing for that pic, but this is an unposed one LOL:
Here are a few of Pickle. This was taken at a vineyard where we had lunch and went on a fun wine making tour.
Here she is at the restaurant of the winery--she LOVES butter!
At the pool in her cute swimsuit:
She made a little bed on the floor for herself and her dolls:
Here's a random pic of some napkins! We went to a little cafe and I liked the way they had mismatched napkins rolled up on the table--I might use this idea at home!
And, finally, we headed down to the beach again at sunset and I tried to get the group pose with sun setting--but they didn't turn out as well as they did last time. The sunset was much prettier this time, but I didn't really get a decent shot of the kids. Here are the best ones:
I like this one of the boys. The sunset is perfect! Maybe I can Photoshop Pickle in!?
And I love this one of Pickle with silhouettes of the boys in the background:
Here are a couple more cool silhouette ones:
Gooser in silhouette!
And Gooser with sunset:
And, once again we had a brilliant quote, this time by Teddy, that I have added to my Facebook quotes: "That's not dog doo--it has a tail."




That voodoo doll freaks me out!
I just love Pickle's smile, and I thought all of those sunset pictures were great.

Ronda's Rants said...

I love the art work...really cool! I wish I had been with you...I spent the weekend eating myself out of house and home and watching movies!! So sad...but oddly fullfilling.

Kori said...

Love Gooser's tattoo's. Pictures are awesome.

Anonymous said...

hahaha....that voodoo doll is a little freaky.

I love all the beach shots...and of course the Pickle and butter pic!!!

Shannon said...

Awesome pics, as usual!

Can you adopt me? Your family is so darn cute, and ya'll have such amazing adventures and fun times! I wanna come live with you! :)

leezee52 said...

The photos are just wonderful!

Lori said...

Those are some AWESOME pictures! Sweet Pickle with butter, what a yummy recipe. :)

noble pig said...

OMG that sweet Budda' face, that is hysterical. A girl after my own heart.

amelia bedelia said...

You have the most beautiful children! And your photography is great, I really need to work on mine. Great post!

Kelly said...

That voodoo doll is a little scary looking!!
Butter and bacon?! Get that girl's cholesterol checked!!!
I love the posed and unposed pictures...just goes to show you how well trained you have your kids :)
Love, love, love the beach pictures - gorgeous!!!!!

Jaime said...

Not so sure about the voodoo doll, but the kids are adorable! :)
I especially like the photo of Pickle, with the boys' silhouettes in the background.

Jennifer said...

No one likes my voodoo doll!!

Kori said...

I love all the photos-and thought the sunset ones were EXCELLENT both this time and last!