Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Exercise in Futility

I know my blog yesterday was whiney and complainy--and I fear this one will be going in that direction too--but then it will be out of my system and I can get back to some fun stuff!

So I have been dealing with this online scam-type nightmare and I've been consumed with worry about it. See, back in July, I "preordered" some fall clothes for Pickle (you know how I love to dress her up!) from a site that I had done business with before. The clothes were expensive and the way the preorders work is that you put half of the money down when you order and the other half when the clothes are in and they are ready to ship.

Then in mid-August I got an email saying the clothes were ready to ship and to pay the rest--which I did. I waited for awhile and there was no sign of the clothes so I emailed the site--no response.

I continued to email and I finally got an answer that said sorry for the delay and that I would be getting the stuff "Thursday or Friday" (this was WEEKS ago). So I waited...nothing came.

I kept emailing but there was never another response. I tried calling but there was never any answer--so I called my credit cared companies. To make matters more confusing, I had used two different credit cards for the two payments. They said they would "investigate."

Meanwhile, I kept calling and one day I actually got through. The woman was really rude and said that because I called the credit card companies, she wouldn't be sending me the clothes. I hung up, but then I started thinking--wait a minute--I've already PAID for this--the credit card places are just checking out the details.

I decided to email the designer of the clothing I had been trying to buy--it wasn't really her problem, but I had found the site I ordered from through her website so I figured maybe she could help. She was nice and said she would contact the vendor and try to find out what was going on.

Meanwhile I called the rip-off lady back and got through again. This time she was nicer and said she hadn't received the shipments of clothes from the designer and that she was expecting them soon and would do her best to get them to me.

Then the designer emailed me again and said she had talked to the rip-off person and that felt assured that she would get the stuff to me.

So I waited some more--but, of course, nothing came. Not to mention I was never able to get her on the phone again.

Today, I emailed the designer again to see if she had any new information and she sent me a discouraging email that said she had been trying to contact this person too but had been unable to reach her. She was awaiting payment before more of the clothing line could be shipped.

Did I mention the clothing website was now saying they are going out of business at the end of the month.

It's very depressing A). because of the money loss--although I'm trying to be hopeful that the credit card companies will help me with this and B.) I really wanted these clothes for Pickle and now it's going to be hard, if not impossible to find the clothes.

Does anyone have any experience with an Internet rip-off situation like this? How did you resolve it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated--I just feel sick over this!

P.S. Just so I can get all my complaining over with in one day--my laptop broke today. The little built-in mouse thing has ceased working. I have no clickage. So I am awkwardly using a mouse that I have attached but it is very makeshift and I'm mad! OK I'm done now!!


Ronda's Rants said...

I am sorry! First, was it your credit card or debit card? If it was your credit have nothing to worry about! Call the company again (both of them) and say exactly this...I have not received my clothes and now they are not returning my calls and it would appear they are going out of business...I am afraid it is a scam and now they have my credit card number! They may issue you new cards and new numbers but they should return 100% of your money! If it was a debit card...go directly to your bank and ask to fill out an affadavit explaining what has happened on your banking account. Different banks have different thresholds of how much they will return to you but you must do this very soon as you may have time constraints as well! Don't worry be happy it will be okay. I was a banker in another life....Have a great day...Ronda

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer! Ever get the feeling God is testing you? I've had those weeks....they pretty much suck. So sorry you seem to be having one now.

Ronda is absolutely right paid by credit card so you should be covered.

I've been scammed before, but I didn't follow up on it because it wasn't that much money. Although I did threaten to out them on the internet and tell EVERYONE I know. I should get on that!!!

Good luck to you. Hey, you've been talking to that designer...see if you can buy the clothes directly from them!!!

Missy said...

Oh me! You have had quite a crappy few days.

I have a funny dog story - if you would like to hear it....
Our previous dog - Duke, a weimaraner, LOVED eating non-edible things. And dryer sheets were his 'crack'. He would reather eat dryer sheets vs. a steak!
Anyways, I would dry clothes & he would always eat them before I could get to them. We had a neighbor that NEVER cut her grass! Well, one day, she FINALLY cut her grass & we walk outside to go somewhere & she is in her yard scratching her head because there are like 200 dryer sheets everywhere in her yard. Apparently, Duke used her tall grass yard as his bathroom (probably because no one could see him - since the grass was so tall!)

Hope your pups are okay! Dogs are expensive but lovable little things! Hope your days get better soon!

oº˚ Queen Bee ˚ºo said...

So sorry to hear about that! I would do what ronda said to do! Hope everything get better! Thanks for sharing -- Much Love --


CaraBee said...

That kind of thing is always my worry with ordering stuff on-line from companies I don't know. I mean LL Bean or something is fine, but Jane Doe's Boutique? I still do it, but I always agonize until the stuff arrives at my door.

I agree with Ronda, the credit card companies should help you.

Lori said...

Yikes! That's the kind of thing I'm always afraid of, but it hasn't happened to me yet (knock on wood). Take some comfort in the fact that that company's/chick's karma is going to come back to them in a big way. Probably already is.

Oh, and put Pickle in a burlap sack and she'll still be ADORABLE! :)

Jo-Jo said...

I AM SO SORRY! If you used your credit card just insist they do a charge back, that should take care of any problems. I would also contact the Better Business Bureau. I know they are going out of business but the stigma may follow the owner into his next well it should!

Mama Dawg said...

I have no experience with this but I'm sorry that you're going through this. It sucks.

Kori said...

I have nothing else to add, other than that you DON'T sound whiny, and that I will send up good thoughts for you today.

noble pig said...

Ugh...your credit card company will reimburse you though...they better, you never recieved the merchandise. They will credit you and take it from her payment...that sucks.

Brenda said...

That's just awful! Hopefully the credit card company will reimburse your money and you will definetly find some equally adorable clothes for Pickle!

Jennifer said...

Oh no, Jen. That's just crappy. I hope the CC's can work on your behalf. I agree w/ the previous commentor- let then BBB know all about it. Hugs and good luck.

Susie said...

I think Ronda has the answer but it still sucks! People like that give online business a bad name:-(

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for your help Everyone! The whole situation got even craziertoday--I think the woman is nuts! The good thing is that I think the credit card companies are not going to charge me--crossing my fingers!!

Mamahut said...

That is not good. I think like the rest...if you paid with a credit card you will be fine. A debit card I'm not sure about. How are the pups? That sounds too scary! Hope the rest of the week is better for ya.

Shannon said...

Ugh, hate this. Hopefully you can get it straightened out!

Aleta said...

I'm so sorry that you are going through this. It's a scary thing - the Internet. We think it is safe and secure. But there are people out there who would abuse the ease of shopping. This happened to me recently when I ordered flowers for the wedding. I got the run around like you did. I paid for it on my credit card and had to later file a complaint through the credit card. It's not fun...

Aubrey said...

Thankfully I've never been in a situation like this. I get more of the red paint on new carpet kind of thing. Both still suck!

Hope you get everything straightened out!

Ann said...

I am late on this one, dang it.
So, let me understand this...
You send the first half of the payment with your order and the second payment in-full when you are notified that the order is in stock and ready to ship?
Well, the company sent you false information. The have committed a fraud. That should definitely be covered by which ever credit card you used to pay the second half.
If they are now claiming to be going-out-of-business then you need to have the credit card company take care of the situation.
What SHOULD happen is that you are credited the amount you paid and the c.c. company goes after the business.
I'm sorry about the cute outfits. I bet they were adorable!
Please let us know what happens.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

What a bummer! The only thing like that I've experienced, is the first time I won a prize from a blog giveaway...I never received it. I was so excited about it, and I even sent a friendly email inquiring about it. The blogger said it was a mistake and she'd get it right out...but never did. :(
I hope you get everything straightened out!