Friday, June 13, 2008

Under the Kitchen Sink...

When I was cleaning the huge assortment of crap from under the kitchen sink yesterday so the Corrupt Plumber (wouldn't that be a good band name? I'm adding that to my short list in case I ever start one...) could access the disposal, I came across these items:

Which is odd because:

1. I have never had a cat

2. I never want to have a cat

3. I hate cats

OK, #3 sounded a little harsh--I don't like cats probably because I'm violently allergic to them and have never been able to spend any kind of quality time with a cat without having an asthma attack. I guess I just don't understand cats...

Anyway, I have no clue where the "Whiskas" came from but I suspect the kitten formula must be left over from some of my attempts to "nurse" baby animals. See, I've nursed some bunnies:

I dreamed of nursing the baby raccoons too, but I quickly abandoned that fantasy when I read that many raccoons are inhabited by killer fecal brain worms .

That's an even better band name!!.


Anonymous said...

Yikes I've never heard of that worm!

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