Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Raccoons and Sex and the City

So I had these big plans to see Sex and the City on Sunday. I was going with a friend and there was going to be sushi afterwards and possibly a wine tasting--all very Sex and the City-ish! But my friend canceled and I ended up having a very un-Sex and the City-ish Sunday...shuttling kids around, eating a gross piece of cold pizza for lunch and cleaning.

Last night I decided to just go to the movie by myself. I really wanted to see it before I overheard some of the plot surprises and once I got the baby to bed there was nothing pressing going on around here--so off I went!

I haven't been to a movie by myself in ages and it wasn't too bad! Once I had my popcorn and Twizzlers and a nice seat it didn't really matter.

I LOVED the movie!! It was so nice to see "the girls" again and it was so much fun to see what they'd been up to these past few years. I liked the way Carrie seemed more together and mature--same with Samantha--her character has evolved and she seemed more real to me than she did in the show. I wish I had a friend like Samantha in real life!

The Vogue shoot with the wedding dresses was SO much fun! Just beautiful to watch all those amazing gowns! Of course, all the girls' clothes were great and made me totally jealous. Oh how I wish I could be a size zero and wear 4 inch heels! I was not crazy about Charlotte's high-necked maternity dresses, however--that was not the best look.

The movie was definitely a tear-jerker. The woman next to me was literally sobbing--not just sniffling--she was hysterical! I could have easily cried but I kept it together-- I did not want to sit in the theatre alone crying. But it was super emotional...

So when I got home, Don announced that we had finally caught the raccoon! While I was at the movie he had put in the usual treats and fiddled around with the trap so it was super sensitive which, I guess, did the trick.
I went out to look at the raccoon and she just looked at me with her sad little raccoon eyes and I felt SO guilty thinking about the babies who were now alone in my ceiling and how worried she must have felt knowing she wasn't with them (apparently raccoons are very maternal). Then I started thinking about the movie...Mr. Big in the closet, Steve on the Brooklyn Bridge...and I started crying--like the woman in the theatre. Don seemed confused and was saying stuff like "But we can't let the raccoons stay in our house."

I put I towel over the raccoon's cage because it was drizzling and called the wildlife place to tell them we had caught her and to make sure they could get here ASAP to get the babies out.

I was just about to complain about how they weren't showing up--but they just got here. They took the mom away and we are trying to figure out what to do about the babies. The trick now is to determine if they are able to come out on their own and get food, so another trap has been set. I'm also supposed to listen for any crying or whatever from them tonight.

So the raccoon saga continues!

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