Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm So Upset About These Raccoons

This thing with the raccoons has turned into a nightmare. I'm totally regretting catching the mother and leaving the babies. I trusted that the wildlife people knew what they were doing--but now I'm not so sure. They wanted to wait and see if the babies would come out on their own instead of cutting the wall. I could tell after the first night they weren't going to come out--they're probably just too young--but the wildlife people wouldn't come yesterday.

So the guy shows up today with some equipment, prepared to cut the wall--and he wasn't able to get through. Apparently there was more than just drywall there. So, after talking to Don, I went to the hardware store and bought a tool to cut the wall. Tonight Don attempted to cut it but it wasn't working so he tried a different location--right under where I always hear the raccoons--and he was able to cut a nice-sized hole.

There was NOTHING there! We saw evidence of the raccoons--they had shredded up the insulation for bedding, etc. and we could see lots of scratch marks, but no animals.

So now I'm really upset about what's happened to them. I hope they got out and that they are old enough to find food on their own--but there are two traps out there with untouched food. Last night I could hear them moving around, but tonight I have heard nothing. I just hope something bad didn't happen to them and I'm mad at myself for waiting so long for these dumb wildlife people.

Poor little babies...this is so stupid!

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