Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Portrait of a Drama Queen

It has been an interesting experiment to have a girl after five boys. One thing's for sure--they are different! Pickle is blossoming into quite the Drama Queen and she's only 20 months old. Case in point: I was putting a blue and white dress on her the other day and was planning on pairing her little blue Crocs with it (sidenote: little tiny baby Crocs are the cutest thing ever!). Well, she wanted to wear her red shoes and when I tried to say no, she FREAKED! An all-out tantrum. No problem Pickle--wear the red shoes--then she's happy as a clam! Did I mention she's only 20 months old? My boys could not care less about their clothes--in fact, they'd wear the same dirty clothes day in and day out if I let them.

She also won't stop wearing her Lolita sunglasses. Here she is--moments ago--watching Clifford in her high chair:
And here she is yesterday having a moment of drama:
Occasionally she switches to her purple Barbie sunglasses:
And sometimes she can't decide:
Here's another one from yesterday: two pairs of sunglasses, MCR shirt, tutu, crazy necklace and her brother's Crocs.
But she sure is sweet! Here she is taking care of her doll:
And hugging her brother:
I love my little Drama Queen!!


leezee52 said...

Sooo precious!

noble pig said...

She is adorable and hilarious!

AmericanMaid said...

2 pairs of sunglasses? Check!
My Chemical Romance shirt? Check!
Pink tutu? Check!

Your girl has amazing fashion sense!

Candid Carrie said...

Cyndi Lauper was a drama queen. I love her tee shirt!