Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Raccoons and Corrupt Plumbers

I am excited to report that we finally caught a baby raccoon! This raccoon saga has been so ridiculous--we have 2 holes cut into our walls from a botched attempt to get them out, countless traps set and multiple visits from the "raccoon experts."

I was shocked to find this little guy

in a trap that had been there for quite a long time. Obviously the raccoons are old enough to find food on their own because it's been over a week since we caught the mother. But he is clearly a baby and I'm sure will need some kind of special care at a rehab place. Of course, there are probably more babies around so the trapping will continue..

In other news, I called a plumbing service because our garbage disposal died yesterday. It just stopped working and I pushed the "reset" button a few times--but nothing.

So the plumber shows up this morning and is in the house for less than a minute (I think he pressed the reset button too) and suddenly the thing is working again. Then he said "I have to charge you a $79 diagnostic fee." and I was like, "Well, what can you do? At least it's working." Then he said "Unless you just want to give me a couple bucks and I'll write "no charge" on the ticket." I said "Done!" and gave him twenty bucks.

I love corrupt plumbers!!

edited to add a couple cute pics I took of our "baby."


noble pig said...

OMG the corrupt plumber is just the best, best thing I've heard all day. Me & the hubby are laughing so hard. It reminds me of some experiences in Mexico.

Tami said...

That baby racoon is soooo darn cute Jen!!! I could just squeeze him!!!

Anonymous said...

IMHO, you should add Baby to your coterie of pets; I think he wants to join the fun at your house. LOL

maxthegirl said...

Your life is SO going to be turned into a wacky sitcom. Welcome to the blogosphere, my friend.