Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Heart Ugly Dogs

I have been a big fan of the World's Ugliest Dog Contest since I saw a pic of this three-time champ, Sam:I like this dog so much I have his picture hanging in my kitchen. He was clearly unbeatable as the world's Ugliest Dog but, sadly, he died, so this year the contest was wide open.

The new winner is Gus:

He has three legs,one eye and no fur! Not too shabby, but he's no Sam.

Last year's winner was pretty good, too!

His name is Elwood. He's half Chihuahua, half Chinese Crested. The other winers are Chinese Cresteds also--maybe that should be the next breed of dog we get?

Let's look at a couple more pics of the amazing Sam:
He was so beautiful in his ugliness...


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Kendrawolf said...

OMG! I was cracking up look at those ugly dogs. Good thing its daylight outside! We have a hairless rat terrier. He's not that ugly though!