Monday, June 16, 2008

I Done Knit Me A Rainbow!

I am very excited today because last night I finished the sweater I have been knitting for my sister's new baby. Well, ok, she's not so new--she's six months old--but I got distracted with other knitting projects as I'm known to do and have about five or six other things "on the needles" (that's knit-talk!). I was dragging my heels on the sleeves--it's been *almost* finished for months...

Anyway, here it is in all its rainbow glory:

Ooooh! I just love it!! For anyone that might be interested in details, the yarn is Dream In Color and the pattern is Tulip. I am also working on the same sweater for Pickle--its currently in the same sleeveless state that this one has been in--but I'm on a knitting roll and I think I'll finish it up soon. I thnk I'll also whip one up for the darling baby on this blog: matt, liz and madeline If you haven't read that blog before, you might want to read this first which explains things. It's a very sad story and a pretty amazing blog.

Could we just look at the sweater one more time?
Just look at it glistening in the sun!! Can you tell I'm proud of myself!?!


noble pig said...

Could you make one for me. It is absolutely adorable!

leezee52 said...

It's very beautiful !!!! I know how hard it is to knit my Mom knitted alot too. Pat yourself on the back!!!!