Thursday, April 2, 2009


Why do I wait until the middle of the night to start writing my blog? So...tired...

Today was April Fool's day and is seems my appliances decided to rise up and play some jokes on me. My dryer decided it would be funny to cease working on Day Two of my post-vacation laundry. It was hilarious when I went to get the stuff out of the dryer only to find that there was no heat and it was just spinning aimlessly. But I got the last laugh when I found a same-day repairman. I won that round, Dryer!!

Then my microwave oven got in on the fun and exploded my bag of Green Giant Butternut Squash with Cinnamon:

That was not a fun clean-up--you win, Microwave!

I managed to get a few halfway decent pranks in. When Teddy came home from school I pretended there was a voicemail from the principal asking me to call back regarding Teddy. I was all "Teddy! Why is the principal calling about you??" I totally fooled him!

Then I tried to email Don the link to an expensive art piece and said that I had bought it as a present to myself--but he didn't fall for it.

But Andy and I got him good later--Andy made an amazing replica of a report card from his school (his grades are due in any day) and made it really bad--like Fs and Ds, but a B in gym for realism! I did a good acting job of being disgusted and mad with what I saw and threw it at Don saying "I'm not signing it--I won't put my name on that!"

We watched as Don read it in horror and right after he said something like "Andy! What is the meaning of this!?" we said "April Fool's!"

That was fun!!

Then I got everyone at dinner--I had prepared cherry Jell-O earlier in juice glasses and I served it saying it was cranberry juice. It was so funny to watch them try to drink it!!
I'm mean, I know--but it was fun!!

Did anyone get a good prank or two in? I hope so!!


Ronda's Rants said...

I completely forgot it was April's Fool day!
It looks like you had some fun though...

Susie said...

April Fools can be so fun:-) I had a great time with mine!

SouthernDogwoods said...

No pranks here - I missed it! I normally try and do a few but dropped the ball! Great pranks!

Ellie... said...

That jello one sounds funny as heck!

Rebecca Jo said...

what a fun day for you!! Love the pranks.. I'm totally not good at them at ALL!!! Love the jello in the glass though - very cute!

Allison said...

You're good!!!!

Unknown said...

How funny!

Who knew Green Giant made squash...

Anonymous said...

Those are some good pranks. I'm surprised you had the energy. :)

noble pig said...

I am laughing so hard at the statement..."What's the meaning of this" that made me laugh out loud.

The cranberry juice is such a good trick. High fives to you.

CaraBee said...

Good ones! No pranks around here. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

April 1st was boring here in Brazil, doesn't have the same connotations as US, etc.

Andy gets my prize, that report card idea was superb, you could only catch a father, never a mother with that. He has a warped future ahead.

The jello was cool too, I've done it with clingwrap.


Jen said...

Oh the jello in the glass is priceless. I bet that was just hysterical.

Ashley said...

Oh, I love the report card prank!!!

Jeauxdi said...

LOVE your April Fools pranks! TOO funny!
Read allllll your vaca blogs, sounds like y'all had a great trips! NOW I want to go to LA! HEHE
GREAT pics too! Your chillins can turn it on for the camera, they are just toooo dang cute!
The worst part of a vaca is coming home...But glad to have ya back =0)
Have a great weekend!

Lori said...

You made me laugh with the jello drinks...that one is hilarious!

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

I usually HATE April Fool's pranks but yours were fun!

Anonymous said...

You're a riot. I love the report card one!! All I did was send my husband to work with a lunch made out of my son's plastic food instead of regular.

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