Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fun With Eggs

I'll let you in on a little secret...I like eggs! So today was extra fun because it was all eggs, all the time.

We started the morning with a neighborhood egg hunt that one of my industrious neighbors put together. The kids LOVED it and it was nice for the grown-ups too as there was a table in the middle of the sidewalk with bagels, cream cheese, doughnuts and lots of coffee!

Here's Miss Pickle on the hunt:

She found one!
The Gooser:
Pickle and Gooser taking a break from egg-hunting:
The big boys!
OMG--isn't this sweet!? So glad I captured this!
Then I spent what seemed like hours boiling eggs in preparation for the dying festivities. We take Easter egg dying VERY seriously in this house! There's a lot of tension and competion (especially between me and Don!) to see who will come up with the best and most artistic egg.

You could cut the tension with a knife:
See all those eggs? Four dozen, baby!

Andy and Gooser hard at work:
Apparently, Pickle was trying to dye her face blue...
She sat in Andy's lap most of the time:
The finished product! (Well...some of them!)
As further proof of my egg-love, I have a collection of egg cups that I like to display our creations in.
I like this artsy pic:
Then we have the contest--we go through the eggs one by one and deem which ones are worthy to continue in the competition (Don is definitely the Simon Cowell in this scenario ).

These are the ones that made the cut:
And then there were four...
Pickle casting her vote:
And the winner is...Gooser's egg!
This pic doesn't do it justice--it was really a beautiful egg!

Ok, I'll stop now. No....wait...
I even used eggs as a model tonight for a charcoal drawing:
I think I have a problem...

I'd better go get some rest for our big meet-up with the bunny tomorrow!

Happy Easter!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Jennifer and all the Jenniferettes, and Don of course. Boy you guys really do take the Easter eggs thing seriously. Some pretty fancy eggs there.


Becky said...

That's awsome that Gooser's egg won! It was gorgeous (probably because it was my favorite color green!)
Happy Easter Jennifer!

Tami said...

Those are some gorgeous eggs. You HAVE To give us tips on how to make some of those tie dye looking ones, and the one that gooser made!!

noble pig said...

They turned out beautiful! Wow! Just beautiful colors!

I love Pickles dyed face and Gooser's winning egg.

Kori said...

Happy Easter!

Karen said...

Happy Easter to you and yours !! :-)

Those ae some impressive looking eggs !! Gooser's is definitely pretty.

I love that shot of Gooser and Pickle walking hand in sweet.

Rebecca Jo said...

OH MY - them holding hands... that is too cute!

and how fun are all the eggs!!! Love the creativity always flowing in your home!

Ronda's Rants said...

I love the egg is beautiful and the drawing is really good! A entire family of artists!!!
Happy Easter!

JANE said...

Happy Egg Day Jennifer!!!!
I love the art of dying eggs, that is why I went to church this morning with a true green thumb!!

CaraBee said...

Great eggs! Happy Easter!

Amanda said...

Your charcoal drawing of the eggs is awesome!

I liked the red, yellow and blue egg!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha.....those look great!

Uh....we used plastic eggs.... :(

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Beautiful eggs! I love that brother/sister shot. =)

Anonymous said...

It's fun to see your kids with their 8 dozen eggs. I grew up in a family of five kids too, and I haven't seen such an excess since my own childhood!