Thursday, April 30, 2009

File This Under... with a two year old!
I should have taken the pic from a different angle because this doesn't do the damage justice. I had just placed one of those jumbo triple rolls of toilet paper in there and Pickle unrolled nearly the whole thing into the toilet. I had to weed out the sopping mess into a garbage bag.

I have been feeling bloguninspired lately. I think because

A). I'm still feeling logy (one of my all-time favorite words by the way!) from that awful flu.

B). I haven't gone anywhere or done anything exciting, mainly because I'm trying not to spend money and if I hole up inside I'm less likely to.

C.) When I'm home, I'm usually cleaning non-stop to keep the house presentable for these dumb showings that never amount to anything.

D.) Poor Teddy finally succumbed to our family flu so I'm in vomit mode again.

Other points of interest:

1.) I'm seriously wondering if this flu bug we've all had could be swine flu!

2.) Even though I'm trying not to spend money, I've gotten carried away on a couple of Ebay auctions for really weird things like doll heads and scary stuffed monkeys. And a clown doll.

3.) I'm really getting sick of cleaning the house and don't know how much longer I can continue this. We've extended our offer to Mr. Howell for 90 more days--please send me quick selling vibes!! I just want to get out of here!!

4.) I'm worried that because Teddy got the bug so late in the game he might reinfect all of us!

One more thing--I took this pic today of a robin building her nest:



Missy said...

Jennifer, I am so sorry! You sound down for sure. Sending you hugs & good house selling vibes! I hope you all are feeling better soon!!!! I also hope it was not the swine flu! What a refreshing picture of the Momma Robin building her nest!

Erin, Nick and Merrick said...

That robin pic is awesome!

Ronda's Rants said...

I know it was a pain to clean up but boy I bet she had so much fun doing it...I got a chuckle!
I hope Teddy feels better soon!

Jennifer said...

Sending tons of house selling vibes your way!

Nick likes to unroll the tp, too. He likes to sit on the potty and just unroll the whole roll onto the floor. :P Kids.

Hope Teddy feels better soon.

Rebecca Jo said...

I was wondering if you were sick again when you havent been posting... poor Teddy! It got all of you now... that's just not right! Hopefully your buys of scary stuff monkeys will make you feel better from cleaning days of vomit!

Mimi said...

Poor Teddy. I really hope you don't get it again & I really hope it's not swine flu!

Becky said...

I wondered where you've had been acouple days since your last post. That sucks big time when everyone gets sick like that! Ugh!
Maybe now that spring is really here the house will do better on the market:)

Allison said...

Uh, oh!!!! Been there, done that!

I love the pic of the Robin, too!

I hope your weeekend is better.

Susie said...

We all through those times when we are less than inspired. Take care of those sick kids and something blogable(like your picture) is bound to happen:-)

Jen said...

I am sending you good vibes right now. Here's hoping.
Great robin photo by the way.

Aleta said...

Beautiful picture of the robin!

I'm so sorry that you aren't feeling well. If you think you have the swine flu, don't take any chances. They have meds for it that can help you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're so down....I would be tired of cleaning too. You probably aren't 100% better yet either, which doesn't help. I hope you all don't get sick all over again. We've had a different virus going around our house....its the perpetual cough, running nose, sneezing, snotting, watery eyes general feel like crap but no puking bug. No fever, so no swine flu here.....I HOPE.

That is a beautiful picture of that bird....what kind of camera do you have a again? You always take great pics (I know, its part camera and lot of your talent) ;)

noble pig said...

Oh geez, that's funny...well cleaning it up wasn't but still.

Love the bird photo, good shot.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I LOVE that robin picture! I hope you sell your house quickly.

Auds at Barking Mad said...

I know I'm late to this one but I just had to laugh at the TP shot. Been there so many times I can't count...but lately it's been due to the darned cats!

And the pic of the robin! Perfection. I love it!