Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why Watching TV is GOOD For You!

This was supposed to be a much different post.

It was supposed to be a post about how we are participating in "TV Tune-Out" week in which we do fun activities with the kids instead of watch TV.

Gooser was very excited to get going with the fun activities right after school so I said we could make homemade Play-Doh--and to make things extra-exciting, we were going to make it in four different colors!

So, see-this was going to be a post about how much fun it was to make Play-Doh with the kids and I was going to share the recipe and post fun pics of the kids playing with the dough--like this:

So everything was all fine and dandy until I had to go pick up the big boys at tennis. Pickle didn't want to tear herself away from playing with the dough and insisted on bringing some of it with her in the car.

BIG mistake.

When I was waiting for the kids outside the tennis place, Pickle started crying and semi-freaking out in her carseat. I thought she was crying because she had dropped the dough--but then I realized that she was saying something about the Play-Doh and "Get it out!"

I said "Get it out of what!?"

"My nose!"


She is the first of my five children to ever put something up their nose--but I've heard enough about it to know that if something goes up the nose, it has to come out. So we went home and I tried some different maneuvers with nasal aspirators and flashlights--but no luck.

I put a call in for the doctor and waited and waited for him to call back--it was WAY past her bedtime, but I was afraid to put her to bed in case I needed to take her to the emergency room.

Finally "Dr. F-word" called back and said that she didn't need to go to the ER tonight, but that I would have to bring her to the doctor's office tomorrow and they would try to remove it. He said if they can't do it, I will have to take her to an ENT doctor.

Soooo...that's going to be fun!

The thing is, I have no idea if anything is still in there! She sneezed a bunch of times when we were still in the car, but I have no clue if it came out or not. Her little nostril is SO tiny that I can't imagine she was able to get much up there--but who knows!

Something tells me that watching Spongebob would have been so much safer!!

So for my own good health and safety--I'm going to go watch Real Housewives of New York!!

Hatching evil plots!


Ronda's Rants said...

That last picture is priceless...My daughter once pulled apart a piece of a pedicure sponge ( y'know the thing the goes between your toes) and stuck it up her nose! I took her to the Doctor's office and...
He handed her a tissue and said Blow and she did and out it came!
I felt silly! I tried everything but that!
Good luck!

SouthernDogwoods said...

Okay, I heard this trick one time from a nurse - Hold the nostril closed that DOES NOT have the playdoh in it (leaving play doh nostril open). Open her mouth and blow - the play doh should shoot out. It worked for her when her son stook something up his nose!!!

SouthernDogwoods said...

Oh, sorry - love the pictures and what a great idea about making homemade playdoh.

Alpacamountain said...

Oh, I do love that pickle! I stuck a pinto bean up my nose when I was 12...It was a dare kinda thing. I hope she is dough free today!

Kristin said...

I will have to second Missy's blow in the mouth comment. It works for us. Hope that her nose is free and clear today.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like an eventful evening. ;P

That last picture with the caption is adorable!

CaraBee said...

I dread this sort of thing. Why do kids stuff things in their noses?

Rebecca said...

Oh no! Poor thing...I hope it makes it's way out safely! I love homemade play-doh though!

Unknown said...

I had to pull silly putty out of Y's ear with tweezers once.
I am DYING over Missy's instructions of hold the nose and blow!
The visual is SO funny!!
I hope it all works "out."

Unknown said...

Oh no!!! I feel your pain!!

One of my sons was forever sticking things up his nose or in his ears.

We once had to go to the Dr to get Rice Risotto (Kiwi version of Rice A Roni) syringed out of his ear.

Most things that he stuck up his nose, like grass, etc, usually came out naturally when he sneezed or blew his nose, so the playdough may have come out when Pickle sneezed.

We did have to take him in to get a Barbie doll shoe removed though.

Kids and waht they do, can sure be weird :-)

I used to make that homemade playdough with my kids, as well. Lot's of fun !!

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my goodness... I can imagine hearing those words "Get it out"... poor Pickle!! Hopefully she got some sleep & there's no more play dough up those nose holes!!

Allison said...

Oh, I am dreading the day one of mine sticks something up their nose!

Great looking play-doh, though!

Kori said...

This post just made me laugh out loud, poor pickle and poor mommmy!

Heather said...

Oh poor Pickle!! My middle sister was forEVER sticking things up her nose as a kid. Vitamin pills, beans, cheerios, marbles from my Hungry Hungry Hippos set, you name it, she'd shove it up there. My mother got so sick and tired of all the emergency trips to the pediatrician (for whom my aunt worked as a nurse) that she got my aunt to get her a pair of the looooooong tweezers to keep at home for nasal cavity removals.

The next two times my sister jammed something up her nose, Mom did the honors of removing it while Dad or I held the flashlight up my sister's face. That pretty much cured her of wanting to stick things in her nose. She tried her ear a couple of times but didn't like the flushing, so eventually she gave up the hobby entirely.

Hope her nostrils are playdough-free today!

Mimi said...

Poor Pickle. I used to love making home made play doh with Kool-Aid to make it pretty & smell good.

Susie said...

Poor Pickle! more play dough for a while?

Temple said...

lol...Play dough in the nose?!! Poor Pickle!!! I bet she smelled salty, play-dough for hours! But on the bright side, it was very bright and pretty!!!

Becky said...

we have had many things stuck in our noses and ears. Luckily we have been able to get them out. Did you try having her blow out hard like Ronda said?
Here's crossing my fingers to nothing being up there!

(I love t.v.!)

Anonymous said...

Oo, oo! Tomorrow you should have them make homemade potato cannons. If play-doh went so well, what could possibly go wrong there?

Sorry I've been MIA on comments lately--the older my kid gets, the less alone time I get!

Anonymous said...

OMG that would freak me out too. A couple of years ago my youngest put a popcorn kernal up his nose and then he said it wasn't up there anymore...that he was fine. A few days later he sneezed while I was brushing his teeth and out came the kernal. Freaked me out. I imagined it in there traveling to his brain....UGH. Take her in.

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

My youngest was also the one who was always doing those crazy things that my older kids never did.
When she was at her dad's she stuck a bead up her nose. She cut her hair. All kinds of craziness!
I hope everything goes well tomorrow!

Jen said...

that is hysterical, totally something that would happen to me.

Shannon said...

Oh, no! Poor little Pickle.

But it was still a good idea for a fun activity!

Jen said...

That sooo sounds like something that would happen at our house! LOL Spongebob would have been so much easier than that! ;)