Thursday, March 26, 2009

Expensive Giant Vermin Land

Today was the inevitable obligatory trip to Disneyland. We got up bright and early and had a quick bite to eat...on our patio...

Which overlooks the pool...
I'm deliberately trying to make you jealous!!

Anyway, we arrived at Disneyland (yes, I color-coordinate the boys--it makes it easier for me to keep track of them in crowds!) and after spending literally hundreds of dollars (you know you can actually make monthly payments to finance your Disneyland trip? No wonder this country is in financial disaster!) we met up with Don's sister
and started the fun fest.

This visit went remarkably better than last year's--last year we spent approximately five hours waiting in lines and went on exactly four rides. This year we had a clue--so we got there much earlier than before and we figured out the "Fast Pass" concept so we were able to wait less and ride more. Also, it was cooler which made things so much more pleasant. Oh, and also there were much less people!

We went on the "Jungle Cruise" first. This was Pickle's reaction:
To things like monkey's shooting guns at us.
She thoroughly enjoyed that one!

Later we did Pirates of the Carribean :

The boys loved it, but Pickle alternated between dancing and hiding her face in fear.

We had yet another "diaper mishap" on the ride and Don was the unfortunate victim! Because he was holding her when the disaster occured, it looked like he had actually wet his pants!

Poor Don! Of course, the boys and I made sure people heard us pointing and saying "Look at that guy--he peed in his pants on Pirates of the Carribean!"

Cotton candy break!!!

For lunch, we had made reservations at the fancy Blue Bayou restaurant which is actually inside the Pirates ride (also a huge improvement from last year when our lunch was water bottles and pulled pork sandwiches eaten while we hunched over in some stools.)

Here's Pickle waiting to go in the restaurant (she's wearing another of her new dresses.)
And here are the big boys and their aunt inside:
And the Pickle with her new baby kitten;
After that we visited the Haunted Mansion. Pickle's face was a mask of pure terror on the elevator:
And Gooser was freaked out inside the ride:
Gooser and Pickle in their mouse ears!
By the time I tried to pose them in front of the castle, Pickle was in her "no paparazzi" mode and refused to cooperate.
Here's Gooser posing for one more in the "Mickey and Friends" Parking Structure.
We never did get to see the Head Rodent in person--he was hidden away in "Toon Town" and the thought of another line made me want to hurl!

By the time we left it was dinner time and we went to the super good Mario Batali pizza place--Pizzaria Mozza. Wow was it delicious--the crust--OMG the crust! I would say half of the pizza ingredients I hadn't even heard of before!

Here's a makeshift pic of a pizza:

Here's a little scene of some Mickeys Gooser collected at the park--he was excited about these because they came in mystery boxes so it was a big surprise to see which ones he got.
This is Patick with his pizza that included an ingredient called "speck." Huh? I don't know--but it was good!
And here's Pickle saying "Get me the freak out of here and take me home--oh but first--let's stop at Pinkberry."
Which we did!

See you tomorrow!



Erin, Nick and Merrick said...

Are you at a hotel or a rented house?? Looks FAB!

Rebecca Jo said...

LOVED all these pictures... Don's pants off the Pirates ride CRACKED ME UP!!!!

Those faces in the Haunted House are priceless too!!!

All the boys looks so happy! And smart about color coordinating them...

I gotta get me a Princess Micky (or Minnie) ears with the tiara!!!

Teri said...

These are great pix! I love to see how much fun the kiddies are having. Even when they look wiped out. :-)

Allison said...

How fun! We leave for Disney World exactly 2 weeks from today. Cate's middle name is Marie, so I'll have to get her one of those stuffed Marie kittys.

Great shot of Don with his pants wet!

Those pizzas looked phenominal!

Karen said...

I like the patio overlooking the pool and yes, I feel a little jealous :-)

That photo of Don is a crackup ...he looks as though he can't decide whether to be mad or burst into tears :-)

Yummm ...those pizzas are making ne hungry!! Speck is an Italian ham, which is very delicious. It's flavoured with juniper berries, IIRC..

Susie said...

Looks like another great day in paradise!! Awesome:-)

Ashley said...

It worked. I'm jealous. :)

The Go To Girl said...

I lovelovelove Disneyland. I'm a passholder and mt mom and I take my daughter all the time. In fact, we're going to California Adventure tomorrow. Next time you visit the happiest place on earth I STRONGLY recommend the Character Breakfast. It's kind of pricey (but no more so than The Blue Bayou) it's an all you can eat buffet with everything you can think of and the characters come to you. Yes, even the head rodent. Looks like you all had a blast. Maybe not so much for Don.

Heather said...

Okay, your deliberate attempts to make your readers jealous totally worked. I'm super-duper jealous! :D

Can I just say that Pickle's smile is like a ray of sunshine - love it! Kiddo chose the same pink Mouse Ears when we were at WDW last summer.

Fast Pass is the stuff, baby - did you know you can have just one person go through the line and get FPs with all your group's tickets? That's an additional timesaver....... :)

Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the California trip!

Jen said...

I feel like I am on vacation with you. This is so much fun.

noble pig said...

Fun! We we lived in Southern California when my kids were tiny we had the 365/passes to Disney and we went every single day. The kids loved it...always fun and way out of the house.

Did you have Monte Cristo Sandwiches at the Blue Bayou?

CaraBee said...

What a fun day! I am so jealous of your adventures!

Ronda's Rants said...

Oh...we are going to Disney here soon...
They just announced layoffs of 450 people...I wished we had went sooner!
Have looks like you are!

Angie said...

Yaya virtual vacation for your readers! LOL, I color coordinate too! So glad Gooser is doing better now and enjoying the trip, everyone looks like they are having a blast!:0)

Becky said...

I SSOO want to go to Disney now!

Ann said...

I want to go too!!!

These pictures are great. Pickles' mouse ears WITH tiara, fantastic!

Sugar Boogers & Tantrums said...

Yay!! I love Pickles dress. It's so cute. Glad yall are having so much fun!!

Shannon said...

"I'm deliberately trying to make you jealous!!"

It's working.

Jen B. said...

I am sooo laughing about the pic of Don with wet pants & you & the boys laughing about it.... that sooo sounds like what we would do to my hubby! Hilarious!