Saturday, March 28, 2009

Movie Magic

Another jam-packed, fun-filled day in sunny California!

Here are the kids this morning as we were heading out:

We started out at a cool retro-type breakfast place called The Waffle.
Poor Pickle conked out.
But she woke up just in time to enjoy her waffle with bacon (and butter--her perfect meal)
with a side of bacon!
This place had some really cool waffle recipes--like jalepeno-cornbread and blueberry -lemon (Don had that one and said it was the best ever!) and Patrick had chocolate.
The decor in this place reminded me of the Brady Bunch--so I had the kids pose Brady-style on the stairs!
Then we headed down the street to a great music store, Amoeba. We got a cd and posed on their supercool elevator.
And they had some neat bike racks outside that made for a good pic too.
Then it was off to Universal Studios for some movie-themed fun.
Here are the kids posing with some weird guy who looks like he's made out of bronze. I suppose I should know who that's supposed to be--but I don't!
First we went on a fun tour of the studio that had some surprises for the kids--like an earthquake in the subway, lots of explosions and a shark attack!
We saw the set from War of the Worlds
and Psycho!
After that the kids went on some rides and I hung out with Pickle.
Then we went to see a cool animal show--there were birds, dogs, cats, pigs and monkeys!

Oh--and a fox! Isn't she cute? I want a fox!

Apparently this dog starred in Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Hotel for Dogs (trivia--Hotel for Dogs was my very favorite book when I was little).
We went on a buunch of rides and saw the "Waterworld" show. Don was mean and tricked me into going on th Mummy ride--he went on it with the boys first and told me it was really fun and that I would love it. He knows I don't "do" rollercoasters--but it was this awful superfast scary rollercoaster that went backwards in the dark at top speed. Thanks Don--I'm still dizzy!

We headed to the ocean after that to have dinner at one of our favorite places--The Charthouse. We got there just as the sun was setting and I took the kids outside for a pic.
Here are a couple more I took during dinner:
We were in a semi-outdoor room and it was chilly so they made a nice fire for us!
Pickle was still in bellydancer mode from yesterday and put on a little show for us.
And because Cathy asked so nicely--here are my squirrel feet!


Erin, Nick and Merrick said...

Can I come on your next family trip??

Missy said...

Another of coolness! I love reading about you guys vacation!!! And um, thanks for the squirrel feet pic - YUCK!

Ronda's Rants said...

Yuck on the squirrel feet...
but everything else looks like it was fab!!!
I will not be going away anytime too soon...!
I love how your kids pose for pictures...even now my kids won't!

amelia bedelia said...

How FUN does that look! Great pictures, I loved the Brady Bunch pose.

Anonymous said...

Fun Stuff!! Couldn't wait to see what todays post held! Awesome!

Allison said...

Wow, y'all are having a blast! The restaurants sound delicious and lots of fun.

Jen said...

Oh fun! I too want to come on your next trip.

noble pig said...

OMG! You are too funny. What will you do with those feet? That is so it like a rabbit's foot...I was imagining them to be sprayed neon pink like those rabbit's foot keychains.

I haven't been to universal in fun.

Last night Billy Mays was on Leno...maybe that's where he was going when you saw him!

I'm living vicariously through you as you are hanging in my old neck of the woods.

Have a great day.

Rebecca Jo said...

So I guess I have to ask - what do you do with squirrel feet? Decoration? Jewelery? I'm curious...

Like Don is still sporting the hat!

And the picture of all the kids with the beach background... that is a fantastic picture.. big grins from everyone!!!

So glad to see Pickle is getting her dose of bacon too! :-)

CaraBee said...

Pray tell, what does one do with squirrel feet?

Becky said...

I think Fox's are the most beautiful animals! I really do!

Great pictures!

Shannon said...

Looks like a fun day!

I've never been to Universal.

I'm behind... I gotta go catch up and read about these squirrel feet!(???)

Auds at Barking Mad! said...

Aren't you a gem for posting whilst away on holiday!

I have sooooo loved reading all the posts from your trip. I am being lazy and only leaving a comment on this one, and considering I've spent more than 30 minutes absorbing all the recent highlights you've shared whilst my husband waits for me to help him move something, I suppose I'd better get off my bum and get to it.

Thanks so much for sharing your holiday with all of us. It kinda makes me a wee bit homesick as I grew up out there, but this is like a little virtual holiday for me.

Have a great time.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're having a great time!

Jen B. said...

Another fun filled day.... looks like so much fun! LOVE seeing pickle still dancing.... too cute!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I'm seeing pictures to go in this year's Christmas Card... :o)
The fox is adorable! I want one too. It all looks like so much fun!