Wednesday, March 25, 2009

California Fun!

Our first full day in Los Angeles!

We started the day with breakfast at "Nate 'n Al's"--a Beverly Hills tradition and a Larry King hangout. Unfortunately we didn't see Larry--though apparently he eats here almost every day--but the kids got their famous "bagel on a string." Here's Pickle looking surly with hers:

The kids insisted on getting Yoo-Hoo. Gross!

Oh, Pickle is wearing one of those new dresses I got her yesterday--it's so fancy!--so we bought her a bib there to protect it. She's a "Nate 'n Al Kid!"
And Gooser insisted on a corn dog even though the waitress warned strongly against it...
Here's a cute one of Andy and Pickle:
After that, we headed off to visit Grandma. Here are the kids outside her place:
We hung out with Grandma and Don's sister and went through some of Grandpa's cool war memorabilia--he won a Purple Heart which the kids were so intrigued with! Don's mom was funny--she saw my pink hair and said "Pink hair !? You're a rascal!"

Here's Gooser with Grandma:

And here's Pickle:
OK--this is SUPER creepy--we were watching a video of Grandpa making a speech from a few years ago that we will be using in the memorial service and Pickle was sitting in my lap watching it and suddenly she pointed at the screen and said "That baby died." I kind of ignored her becauase it was so creepy and then she said it again. It totally freaked me out!!

On the way out of Grandma's building, this lady handed the kids a huge bunch of balloonsMy kids love to launch balloons with weird little notes attatched saying to call them if they find the note--so that's exactly what they did!
After that, we headed off to my favorite art gallery in L.A.. I'm so mad, because the painting I really wanted had sold--in fact, the whole show was practically sold out--but it was cool to see the show. Pickle really liked the paintings, but she was bummed we missed out on this one:
I know it's probably not everyone's cuppa--but the kids and I really wanted it!!!

Then it was on to a fun Indian restaurant. I LOVE Indian food and this place was excellent. Pickle was funny because she would take a bite of this spicy bread and that start crying because it was too spicy--then she'd drink some water and say she was ok--then eat the bread again!

Here I am with Pickle--you can see a mango lassi in the background--mmmmm!
There was a supercool reptile store next door and the boys and I went to check it out. I'm a huge reptile fan and there were some great ones there--bright green geckos and beautiful snakes and super friendly turtles. Here's a pic of the water turtles:
Then it was off to--of course!--Pinkberry! Here is my beauiful shaved ice with Pickle's kitty who she has named "Pinkberry."

And here is Pickle enjoying it!

Oh--and we got the stroller back! It was waiting in our hotel room when we got home.

Tune in for more fun tomorrow!!


Ruth said...

Your MIL is right .... you ARE a rascal!

Pinkberry looks like a place I'd really, really like.

SouthernDogwoods said...

Love Pickle's dress! Jealous about Pinkberry - wished I had some! Great pictures!!!!

SouthernDogwoods said...

Love Pickle's dress! Jealous about Pinkberry - wished I had some! Great pictures!!!!

Kristin said...

Yummy Pinkberry! Glad that they found your stroller. Can't wait to read about your trip tomorrow.

Erin said...

So jealous from all of your fun!
Creepy baby comment!

Ronda's Rants said...

I am glad you are having some fun while you are there...Don's father sounds like he was a wonderful man!

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh you rascal!!!.... how cute is that! that's going to be my word of the day!!!

Love the picture of all the kids!!!

And you gotta ask Pickle what she meant by that comment...

Sandi said...

Welcome to paradise!

Glenda, saved by grace said...

Really good pics. Your boys look so handsome in their matching shirts, and you tell Pickle she looks beaut-iful in her new dress!

Allison said...

I love Pickle's dress! I see she got her bacon at breakfast!

That is pretty freaky what she said, I would have been freaked out,too.

Glad you got to indulge in your fave restaurants/foods!

Can't wait to hear about more tomorrow.

Rebecca said...

Great time! Your boys are lucky to have a Mom like you...I'm so NOT a reptile person and I'm petrified of the day that Matt comes home with a frog that he wants to keep as a pet or something ridiculous like that! Yuch!!!

Jen said...

What a super fun day but those turtles are kinda freaking me out.

Unknown said...

Love Pickle's dress :-)

Hehehehe... you rascal you !!! :-)

Nice photos as well !!!

CaraBee said...

Why would the waitress recommend against the corndog? Did he like it?

That painting is wild. While I find it interesting, I can't imagine what room in the house I would put it in.

Anonymous said...

What was wrong with the corndog? And yes you are having fun. I love that Grandma's only comment for pink hair was you rascal. That mean's she's cool.

Susie said...

Your family is just so cute!! Looks like you are all having a good time.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it's surly? I'm thinking sedutive...

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Please remind me again when it is that you are adopting me? I hope it's soon. :sigh: I can't wait till Pickle and I are sisters...I love that girl! lol
I love the pic of her grinning so fiercely. That story is weird, and I've looked at pictures before of people I don't know in strangers' homes (I used to clean houses for a living) and I've had the thought pop into my head - "that person is dead now". It's chilling!
Why did the waitress warn against the corn dog...and how was it?
That painting is very interesting...a little disturbing but that's how you like it, huh?
OH, and the turtles, LOVE the pics of them!!

Jen said...

Glad to see you had a great first day!