Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Freaking New Year!

This was the unfortunate conversation Don and I had last night:

*Let me preface it by saying that we were talking about our usual little makeshift New Year's Eve party where we have appetizer-type foods and play board games*

Don: So are we having our New Year's Eve party?

Me: Definitely!

Don: Maybe we should play the new Seinfeld Scene-It?

Me: Yeah, that's a good idea.

*Here's the part where it gets ugly*

Don: And let's not eat all that disgusting crap* we usually have.

*by "disgusting crap" he's referring to the food that I normally prepare for parties.

Me: ~~awkward silence~~

Don: I mean, I always feel so gross after I've eaten it.

Me: Okay...

Don: So what do you think we should have?

Me: (getting mad) Well, you're the one who doesn't want the "disgusting crap." You tell me what you want.

Don: Why are you getting mad? Why do you take everything so personally?

Me: ~~dead silence~~

Don: I mean, don't you feel gross after you eat that cheese and stuff?

Me: No.

Don: I just think we should eat something healthier.

Me: Just tell me what you want and I'll make it.

Don: (long pause) Grapes?

Me: (thinking to myself) Grapes!?!

Me: Okay, you can have grapes.

So today the kids and I went shopping at some gourmet stores for our party food.

But Don will be ringing in the New Year in the doghouse with...


EDIT--Hold the phone! I just read this on Noble Pig --maybe we'll all eat grapes!?!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

One More Christmas Tidbit And A Dream...

After my ginormous Christmas wrap-up yesterday, I forgot to add the funniest quote of Christmas--brought to you by Gooser.

After we finished our five-plus hours of gift unwrapping, Gooser sat amongst the paper and box-strewn living room and said very thoughtfully "I'm really looking forward to next Christmas."

And just to prove how blog-addicted I've become: I had a very restless night's sleep last night--thanks to Don and his snoring (note: remember the expensive "stop snoring" pillow I bought him for Christmas at Brookstone? I think it actually made the snoring worse!!)

Anyway, I was constantly waking up so I remember my dreams really well--and I was actually dreaming that I was writing comments on blogs!! Like typing in my comments and doing the captchas and stuff like that. Pathetic!!


Monday, December 29, 2008

Best. Christmas. Ever!!

OK--I finally have the Christmas pics organized--and there are a LOT--so get comfortable!!

Here is how the living room/tree looked on Christmas Eve once Santa came:And in the morning:
And with the boys:
Pickle was disgruntled:
and didn't want her pic taken. But she perked up when I brought out the Cherry Chiffon:

And Monkey Bread:
"That's more like it!"
Gooser was into it too!
And here's Partick showing off the crazy hot sauce he got in his stocking.
After that, it was onto the present frenzy!

Pickle was excited to open a little lamb.
And she enjoyed putting doll shoes on it:
But this "meow meow" was definitely her favorite present!
Gooser's favvorites were "Batman Through The Ages":
And this Batman gear:
Silly Andy really wanted "footsie" pajamas!
And Teddy is all about remote-controlled airplanes:
All the big boys loved their new iPods!
I got something from Little Edie (it's a replica of Edie's pin--you Grey Gardens fans will know what I mean!):
And Don got something from the vermin!
Here's Pickle having a tea party with some of her new stuff and Meow-Meow:
And Gooser in a new robe:
Point blank--it took over five hours to open the presents! We did it slowly to make the fun last as long as possible. But after awhile, we had to get ready to go to my mom's fancy Christmas dinner. Because we have so many people, she rents out a private dining room at a really nice hotel and it works out just perfectly!

It's really two rooms, with a beautiful table on one side:
And a nice open room on the other side so the kids could play with their toys when they were tired of sitting at the table. It was SO much fun!!

Here's Pickle--and of course, Meow-Meow had her own chair! Look at her eyeing 's Tater Tots!
The big boys:

And Gooser at the children's buffet:
Here's Pickle's dessert:
And Pickle about to dig in:
Yet another one of Pickle playing there--you can really see her pretty dress in this one.
I decided to wear a Little Edie "costume" though it wasn't really right becasue I didn't have time to fashion a scarf around my head--but I wore leggings with shorts and a scarf as a skirt--which I later removed to use a cape. I'm also wearing my Little Edie pin:
Here I am with Teddy:
And a few group shots:

And, finally--back home again and Pickle tucking her "hair horse" into bed!
Phew! I told you there were a lot! If you made it this far--thank you and I hope you all had happy holidays!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve

Finally I have some pics together from my sister's Christmas Eve party! It's a tradition that we go here every Christmas Eve to open gifts from each other and have a fun party.

My sister had some really good food. Here's some of it:

And some delicious kir cocktails:
Some pics of the kids enjoying the food:

Teddy and Patrick:
Pickle was too busy playing to eat!
Then onto the present-opening...
Patrick loves big stuffed animals and was happy to get this polar bear:
Pickle got some sort of baby computer:
And a litter of puppies!
And a "hair horse" (not sure why Teddy's posing with it?)!
Andy totally freaked out when he got the video camera he wanted!
It was a great night!!