Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Card 2009

Remember my idea for our Christmas card last year? The four seasons? I liked it so much, I decided to do it again!

My friend Tricia did a great job on the beautiful designs you see around the photos. She has an Etsy Shop and I highly recommend using her!! She will make some amazing cards (anything--invitations, announcements, thank you notes) for you!

Anyway, this will be another accordion-style card--starting with...





And then I wanted a pic of our new house as we are also using this as a change of address card!
I'm SO happy with the way it turned out!!

Oh--and I already have a cool idea for next year's cards! Do you think it's too early to start working on that??


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

House Pics Part Two!

Well I finally got some semi-decent pics of the upstairs of the house--so here goes!

First off--some detail of the stairway. Isn't it beautiful?
The landing at the top of the stairs (Remember my giant clown? He found a nice home up here!):
And another angle:
Pickle's room--it's very...PINK!
Another can see her "princess throne" on the right.
Gooser's room:
This is the playroom/guest room. Still need to do some work in here like curtains, etc.
I had this sofa-bed recovered (it was a MESS before) and I'm very happy with the turquoise velvet!
Master bedroom--notice the fireplace so it's all romantic up in there! Still stuff to do in this room too--curtains and whatnot.
This is the back staircase:
And this is the room that made me want the house--the linen room!
My sheets and towels have never been so organized!
Here's a pic of a hall--exciting!
Now on to the third floor where Andy and Teddy are sharing a room. You can't really tell in this pic, but it's a pretty big room!
Patrick's room:
And check this out from the third floor bathroom--cute little clawfoot tub--it's pink!!
And I'm throwing in one more pic of the dining room because it looked pretty messy in that last batch of pics!
Thanks for checking them out!!