Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fun in the Sun

We had a great weekend at the Fun House and spent a lot of time hangin' in the backyard. New sand in the sandbox, lots of sun and the dogs running wild. It was great!

Pickle was out of control!
Kicking balls:
Hugging freaky monkeys:
And picking dandelions:
Portrait of Gooser with dandelions:
And with dandelion:
Gooser with the freaky monkey:
There was lots of sliding:
And dog hugging:
Even Hazel got in on the freaky monkey action:
I like this pic of Pickle:
And this one too!
Oh and this one too...
I'll leave you with Portrait of Freaky Monkey and Dandelions:


Susie said...

Beautiful pictures!! I love how everyone (including the freaky monkey) are in yellow:-)

Anonymous said...

All in all, a fun day in the sun. Great photos.

Check out:

I have just reviewed you blog and Stumbled the review, if you do a Stumble as well, should raise your readership a bit.


Becky said...

I love that close up of pickle.. she is beautiful:)

Rebecca Jo said...

Love Pickles braids!! And all the pics of her & Gooser & all the yellow!!!

Wanna know something REALLY freaky... my cousin had a monkey like that!!! Seriously! I loved it growing up... does its thumb go in its mouth? If so - yep, that's like the one she had!

Heather said...

That *is* a freaky monkey!

Kiddo spent the better part of her Free Time at school yesterday picking dandelions out by the playground. Dandelions that she brought back into school by cramming them in her pants pockets and in her shirt. Dandelions that she then jammed into her backpack (along with her lunchbag, notebook, homework folder, etc) and brought home "for Mommy and Daddy" - and then forgot to tell me about, leading to dandelions that were a horrible, nasty, squashed mess all over everything later on last night when I went to retrieve her lunchbag. She was quite upset when one of her friends informed her that dandelions are actually WEEDS.

Love Pickle's braids and bow, by the way!

Mimi said...

Lovin the freaky monkey!

noble pig said...

I love that freaky monkey. The kids look great outside in yellow. It's so great to be able to go outside.

Jennifer said...

That's one freaky monkey. ;P

The kids are such cuties!

Jen said...

Oh what gorgeous photos!

The Townhouselady said...

I found your blog linking by linking through a gazillion others.

My Mom has always called me pickle so you touched a cord.

Your kids are adorable and your photographs of them are just wonderful.

I've really enjoy looking through your blog so I've jumped on board as an official follower.

Anonymous said...

Great pics....Pickles hair looks cute braided like, she's cute however it is! :)