Sunday, May 10, 2009

Creepy Doll Pics

First of all, Happy Mother's Day!! Hope you have great ones! I'm writing this the night before, but it looks like lots of secret surprises are in the works at the Fun House.

I got a big box of old and creepy doll parts in the mail today. I got them on eBay and plan to use them for some sculptures and stuff--but some of them are so cool I think I'm going to keep them for my collection. It was so much fun unwrapping them one by one--just like Christmas! But a Christmas where all I got was old dirty dolls...

Anyway, Pickle was fascinated with the whole thing and oohed and ahed over the dolls even though some of them were SUPER creepy. Ultimately, I did a little photo shoot with Pickle and some of the dolls. I love the way they turned out! Here are some of my faves:

I call this one "Poor Pitiful Pickle":
I LOVE this one!
I love this one too. Pickle has become quite the little model--she can do the "mad face" on demand!Can't wait to hear about all your Mother's Day festivities!



SouthernDogwoods said...

Too cute! She is a perfect little model! Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Rebecca Jo said...

She has the CUTEST Mad face!!! & love the after-braid hair!!!

Have a fantastic Mother's day!!

Susie said...

So cute!!

Becky said...

The mad face with her knees up~ looks like a professionally shot award winning picture.


Very Cool!

Happy Mother's Day Jennifer!

noble pig said...

She does mad well. You have to teach her to cry on demand and she'll be ready for the movies.

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Mimi said...

Great shots. She's destined to be a fantastic creepy toy model!

Happy Mother's Day!

KWolfAK said...

Great pics! She is so cute!

Jen said...

those are some great photos. Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful mother!

CaraBee said...

Those old baby dolls with the eyes that open and close scare the bejeepers out of me. Pickle looks awfully cute, though!

Jennifer said...

She looks so cute mad. :)

Happy Mother's Day Jen!

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Love the pictures! Hope you had a happy mothers day.