Saturday, August 16, 2008

Scandinavian Food: Restaraunt Adventure Saturday

This week's adventure was pretty tame compared to the Korean food--in fact, it was barely an adventure!

Nothing on the menu was too unusual. The "wildest " thing we ordered was pickled herring.
Which the kids totally loved. They devoured it. In fact, Andy said something like "I'd like to take a bath in a tub of pickled herring and eat my way out." So that was a big hit.

Pickle was preoccupied with the vase of flowers on the table and wouldn't leave it alone.
They looked pretty mangled by the time we left and she spilled the vase's water all over the table. Sorry Scandinavian restaurant!

The trolls all over the wall kept her somewhat entertained too.
I don't know much about trolls--but apparently they wear earrings? And smoke.

Since the food wasn't that exciting, we played with Gooser's "fake nose" glasses that he got as a prize at the dentist.

So on to the food...The inevitable Swedish pancakes!
I had tuna salad (boooring!). Speaking of tuna, my husband calls it "tuna fish" and I tease him about it. Do you people out in Blogland say "tuna salad?" Or simply "tuna?" Does anyone else say "tuna fish?" I think it sounds like something a 90 year old woman would say. But maybe I'm wrong?
The side order with my tuna fish is something called "pickled cucumbers." Now, call me crazy, but aren't pickled cucumbers...pickles? Anyway, they were good!

Patrick had Swedish meatballs
AND a cinnamon roll!

That lunch totally sounds like something Homer Simpson would order! Mmmmmmm. Meatballs and cinnamon rolls.

The desserts were fun. We shared some blueberry soup
But Gooser's rice pudding was the best. It was warm and topped with lingonberries. Very cravable!

We ended with a pic of the kids amongst the trolls. OMG these kids need haircuts!!
We continued our Scandinavian experience across the street at the
Pickle got a Pocket Baby. Which she lost five seconds after we left the store. That was a well-spent $6.95!
And Gooser got a book.
And all the kids got Swedish fish.
Pickle says:
"Scandinavian food--you're a'ight. But get me back to Koreatown!!"



Ronda's Rants said...

So cute and the food looks good , too! I am a 90 year old women...I say tuna fish! sorry, i know I should hang with you sister but it's true...I am from the South as in you think that his anything to do w/ it?

Andrea said...

yep, i'm going to agree, tuna fish is usually a southern thing, from my experience. i say tuna, but i'm not from the south. lol!

Ruth said...

I think I know what restaurant this was ... I miss the meatballs!

Lori said...

Oh man that food looks good. Now I'm craving meatballs and cinnamon rolls.

I say "tuna fish", but when it's tuna salad I say "tuna salad", not "tuna fish salad". ? Never thought about that before. Born and raised in Alabama, for the record.

Jo-Jo said...

Oh my, your kids are just adorable! They don't need haircuts, that apparently is the style...thus sayeth my swim students. The food looks great but definitely like food I have seen just about anywhere else. Oh, and I have to admit, I say tuna fish!

Unknown said...

That rice pudding and blueberry soup looks so good.

I've never though about the tuna thing before. I think I probably say 'tuna fish' more than I just say 'tuna'.

oº˚ Homeschool Mom˚ºo said...

The food looks good and your baby with those big blue eyes she is sooooooooo cute. I'm from Louisiana and we say tuna fish.

Kelly said...

We say tuna fish...I guess I'm adding to that southern thing theory, huh?!
The Scandinavian food looked good to me...I guess I'm not that adventurous after all.
Love Swedish fish! They're so addictive!!!

Heather said...

Pickled herring? Really??? I'm so impressed! I say tuna fish too. I also say Coca-Cola. It looks like you guys had so much fun!!

Jennifer said...

OK--I am clearly in the wrong here w/ the tuna fish thing!! I am not from the South--but neither is my husband!? I guess I owe him an apology after the years of relentless teasing. Oops!!

Anonymous said...

Was it a smorgasboard? I love Scandanavian and I grew up on pickled kids would not eat it in a million years. You are so lucky to have these great eaters.

Jennifer said...

Hi Cathy--No, it wasn't a smorgasbord. It wasn't very "hardcore" in terms of funky food. We'll have to try a different place I think!

Laurin (@LaurinEvans) said...

Raised in Mississippi and say tuna fish. In Whole Foods today my 5 year-old said let's get Earl (the cat) some tuna fish. Guess she got it from me.

CaraBee said...

I'm sorry but that first picture has officially put me off of Scandinavian food. Urg. Although if someone is willing to bath in pickled herring, it can't be that bad, right? But still, urg.

I say tuna fish. Raised in Kansas. We never say tuna salad, tuna fish means tuna salad.

Miss Blondie said...

That food looks good! I love how you and your family are so daring when it comes to trying new foods. My son is not a picky eater at all and will eat anything too, but i on the other hand...

Anonymous said...

Looks interesting! I'd be all about the pancakes and rice pudding. Yum.

My girlfriends and I used to go out once a month to a different ethnic restaurant. Ethiopian, Indian, Mexican, Irish, Polish - yum! I need to start that back up again.

Bon Appetit!

Unknown said...

Must admit the only thing I like here in Scandinavia is the Meatballs... or and the cakes... & of course the smoking trolls

Shannon said...

Those pics with the glasses & fake nose are too cute!

The only time I have ever tried Scandinavian food is at the Norway pavillion at EPCOT! I had a Kjottkake, which (according to the people @ Disney) is like a meatball thingy with brown gravy. I didn't care for it, though. But we had a yummy lingonberry cheesecake for dessert.

I have never heard of blueberry soup! Was it warm?? Or a cold soup???

Jennifer said...

Hi Shannon--It was a cold soup served w/ whipped cream and almonds. It was good, but the rice pudding was better!

Kelly said...

Hi Jen, Stop by my blog; I have something just for you :)

Forgetfulone said...

That food looks pretty good! Much more my style,probably, than Korean, but maybe you guys liked the Koream food better? You look like you had so much fun. How old is Gooser, btw, if that's not too personal?

Jennifer said...

Oh I'll eat any food from any where! It's just the Korean was much more of an adventure! But this was very tasty.

Gooser is 5.