Monday, March 15, 2010

Not A Great Way To Start The Day...

This morning was the usual hectic frenzy that it always is--trying to get all the kids clothed, fed, organized and out the door at varying times depending on their schedules.

Teddy and Patrick had to go in super early for choir practice, Andy had to be in early for something or another, Gooser was going in a little later and Pickle was still sleeping because of the stupid time change.

As I was getting Gooser packed up and ready, Teddy called and said that Patrick fainted at choir practice.

I rushed Gooser out the door and into the car (luckily my cleaning lady was here with Pickle) and started driving to school like a maniac.

As I approached a corner where I could get a view of the school, I could see all kinds of emergency vehicles with flashing lights parked in front and I went into a full-blown panic.

When I turned the corner so I could pull up in front of the school, there was a solid lane of congested traffic going in the same direction I was going--so in my crazed state, I drove down the wrong side of the street honking non-stop. Nobody was going to get in my way!

Except someone did. Some stupid old man who clearly could tell I was in distress came through the intersection and down the same side of the street, blocking me. I was honking and screaming and gesturing for him to get out of my way and I think he quickly understood that this was NOT someone he wanted to mess with and backed up.

Good thing for him--because I swear I would have pulled him out of that car and backed it up myself.

As I approached the school, I saw no less than two ambulances, two fire trucks and two police cars. I was so panic-stricken that I could actually feel the years coming off my life. In fact, I think I had a flash of a picture in my mind of the Grim Reaper laughing and peeling pages off the calendar of my life.

I'm not even sure what I did next. I think I left the keys in the car, screamed for Gooser to get out and started running toward the school. Meanwhile, they were rerouting all the kids to an alternate entrance to make way for the emergency people.

Inside the school, paramedics were everywhere. I ran toward the nurses office (where someone told me Patrick was) and one of the paramedics stopped me at the door saying "Are you the mom?"

I think he thought I was going to be his next patient because he was like "Woah! You need to stop and take a deep breath."

When I got into the room I saw Patrick lying down, looking as pale as a sheet. They were doing some tests like blood sugar and blood pressure and trying to explain to me what happened.

I guess the choir director thought he was having a seizure, but the paramedics didn't think so because he didn't have the symptoms that typically follow a seizure. In the end, they chalked it up to a fainting spell due to the heat of the lights (they were practicing on the stage) and maybe standing for too long. As far as anyone could tell, he didn't hit his head--and if he did, he hadn't hit it too hard.

Since he checked out ok, they didn't think he needed to go to the ER and thought he would be better off going home and lying down--so that's what I did.

Later in the morning I took him to the pediatrician to have him checked again and he basically agreed with what the paramedics had said. But, of course, if it happens again (and please! I hope it doesn't!) more tests will have to be done.

He seems okay now--not dizzy and his normal self. But I have lost at LEAST five years off my life!



Rebecca said...

Oh wow! That's scary! Glad he's okay and I hope that old man realized what he was getting in the way of! Yikes!!! Glad you're back to blogging too! I love the new pics/art!

noble pig said...

OMG I would have had a heart attack and needed to be the patient. Thank gawd he's okay.

Mimi said...

How terrifying! I'm glad that it seems like just a simple fainting spell!

Becky said...

What a way to give a mom a HEART ATTACK!

Oh you poor probably were worse off them him!

Glad he is okay :)

Unknown said...

Sooooo scary.
You have been on my mind all day, I hope things are back to normal and he's feeling okeydokey :)

Heather said...

Holy cow. How terrifying!

You know, you can pass out if you're standing on risers under lights and lock your knees. They always used to tell us that when I was in school choirs and I swear that every time we were at a competition, *someone* fainted from doing just that. Tell Patrick to be sure to keep his legs loose while he's standing under the lights on stage. I bet you anything that's what happened.

Glad he is okay and you are too! I would've reacted and driven the exact, same way!!

Erin said...

Oh no!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad he's okay, but what a sight to greet you at the school, no wonder you flew into a blind panic. Heather's advice is good; soldiers on the parade ground suffer the same, flex the knees and rock slowly from heel to toe... saved me more than once.


Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

OMG I think I would have had either a stroke or heart attack. So glad he's OK and that it wasn't anything serious. Hope you had a really nice drink that night!

And, can I just say, I am SO glad you're back! I've missed you!

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

That is the WORST! I hope it doesn't happen again.

SJ said...

I just stumbled on your blog not ago so I just saw the one where he fainted at Halloween too....You might want to take him in to get alot of blood work or something. Just in case!!

Jennifer said...

Thank you SJ--you're right, he also fainted at Halloween. They did do tests at the doctor's office--let's hope that was the last of the fainting!

prashant said...

How terrifying! I'm glad that it seems like just a simple fainting spell!
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Anthony Thompson said...

"some stupid old man...". You certainly are a charmer! ; )