Thursday, July 30, 2009

An Example

I might as well rename my blog "Jennifer's Boring Blog About Real Estate" as that's all I seem to talk about...

I know I have gone on and on about what a nightmare it is to keep our house even semi-clean and ready to show to prospective renters/buyers. After the botched rental, it seems even harder! I think I got out of cleaning mode and was so happy to be done with it that I went to the other extreme.

The house is a disaster!!

It doesn't help that we've been crazy-busy, not just dealing with our tenant fiasco, but with the millions of interesting things our kids are involved in.

Tonight, for instance, Andy was in a jazz concert that took place at a very prestigious venue with probably hundreds of people watching! It was a lot of fun and I think I'll dedicate a whole post to it soon (I took tons of pics that I have to go through first)--but just the dynamics of getting everyone ready for an event like this becomes all-consuming and, as a result, the house gets trashed. (I also had a nervous breakdown over Andy's pants-but I'll save that for the other post too.)

Anyway, just as an example of how quickly the house can spiral into a pig sty--here is a pic of my kitchen counter this evening:

I numbered the items as a handy reference.

1. Leftover tomato/chicken/cheese concoction for tostadas (from Noble Pig!). I had attempted to make a picnic dinner...but then it rained....but all that will be in the other post.

2. Champagne.

3. Klassy Kups for champagne.

4. Worms for turtle (at least I moved the crickets!)

5. Leftover water bottles.

6. Bag o' nipples.

7. Lots of bottles (Pickle still drinks out of a bottle, ok! Yes--I know she's 2 1/2 but the "Bottle Fairy" has been too busy cleaning the house!)

8. Bags from Cost Plus. I bought these glasses--aren't they cool!?

I don't know if you can tell in the pic--but they have fleur de lys on them.

9. Bag of art supplies.

10. Flower arrangement to prettify the house--but never made it off the kitchen counter.

11. A bunch of miscellaneous crap.

12. I think this is a loaf of French bread?

Tell me--based on this pic--would you rent my house! NEVERMIND! Don't answer that...



SouthernDogwoods said...

I love how you numbered it!
I am so sorry about the rent/tenant/pink haired lady backing out fiasco. I think I would stick to what you have requested regardless what they or their realtor says.
Best of luck! Don't you wish there was such a thing as a cleaning fairy??? I was swipe her and keep her in a jar!

Susie said...

I would rent it! It makes the house feel lived in:-)

noble pig said...

Sometimes I want to ban all tables from the house as they are just catch all for all crap that comes in the door.

Glad you made the tostadas...and rain? Sheesh.

Audrey at Barking Mad said...

I was feeling really yucky about the current state of my kitchen and then I came out here and discovered I'm not alone.

And heck yeah I'd rent it! It shows you're NORMAL!

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

My tables are not for eating anymore...they are strictly "stuff" catchers...every stinkin' flat surface in my house is covered with something that doesn't belong on it! lol!

LOVE the blue glasses!

Hang in there, my sweet bloggy friend!

Anonymous said...

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