Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pickle's Scavenger Hunt!

I don't know why--but one of Pickle's favorite pass times is walking around the house with a bag and filling it with random things.

She's a bag baby!!

The other day she absconded with Teddy's lunch bag and this is what I found amongst the sandwich and chips:

An airplane:
An assortment of Legos and pom-poms:

A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich:
A mini Etch-A-Sketch:
And the new Buckcherry* CD (unopened--I need to listen to that!):
Totally shades of Steve Martin in The Jerk, right!?

*Speaking of Buckcherry--their album "15" is a great album that has one of the raunchiest songs I've ever heard--but with the catchiest tune. I'm so afraid I'm going to start singing it in front of the kids and that would NOT be good!



Jen said...

You are so right about the Buckcherry song! I've had to watch myself many, many times!
Love Pickle's findings! How did she fit it all in the lunch box?

Ronda's Rants said...

Our Kate does that too...she is only 1 though so she is at the stage where she takes your hand and you go along for the scavenger hunt!

SuZ said...

How cute is she!!!!

SouthernDogwoods said...

Emma did that a few months back - but she would take items from other peoples homes. She eventually stopped though! No worries - all items were returned and she had to apologize

Lori said...

She was just putting in the stuff that you forgot. Sweet baby girl, taking care of her big brother!

Rebecca Jo said...

What randomness.... love it! Maybe she's going to grow up to be a professional shopper!

Jennifer said...

How cute that Miss P does that!

I used to do that same exact thing as a child. My mom said that my grandmother would give me a small lunchbag and let me fill it with whatever things I picked up aroudn the house. Whenever they couldn't find their keys or whatnot, they'd look in 'Jenny's bag'. :D

Have a great weekend!

Shannon said...

My girls do that, too. Sort of. They each have a ton of purses (just like their mama!) and usually will take one when we go out somewhere. But they fill the purses with the weirdest things. I've seen a purse filled with:

a pencil
lip gloss
a Polly Pocket outfit (not the doll, just the clothes)
a puzzle piece


Anonymous said...

She is so funny, it's something you will always remember about her.

Sandi said...

I also have bag child. Not my Pickle, but that would have been amazing. We call Ty the "collector". He also collects things that do not belong to him, or to us. He has brought things home from school that didn't ask to be collected. "Special needs klepto."

Anonymous said...

Pickle is hilarious!!!!

I have never heard of are so hip!

I just read your Twitter about the baby cake....that is gross and hilarious!!! Not sure I'd want to eat a cake like that. People are weird.

Oh...I sent out your pay it forward hopefully you get that on Mon or Tues. I did not know that you lived in IL....for some reason I thought you lived in CA? I have NO idea why!!!

Anonymous said...

I think all kids do that at some point. My fav gift to give little ones is a mini roller suitcase so they can easily carry all their baby hobo stuff around. I guess a shopping cart would work too.

I posted the questions and put up a Mr Linky if you want to play along.

Jo-Jo said...

That is funny. My kids do that and Riley calls it his purse...his daddy don't like that! LOL

Sera said...

That is so stinkin' funny! I love these stories! Looks like she is quite the sophisticated reader, eh?

Allison said...

How cute is that...and such of VARIETY of random things, big and small. Thanks for sharing!

Susie said...

That's like my daughter's purse:-) She had a cell phone and a Blackberry, $120 in fake money, a tape measure, lip gloss, a plastic snake and a Slinky. Oh, fake keys too:-)

Ann Harrison said...

"I don't need this or this. Just this ashtray. And this paddle game, the ashtray and the paddle game and that's all I need. And this remote control." :->

Jen said...

Hayden went through a phase like that too. It was really funny to see what 'collection' he would make each day.

Jenni said...

My boys BOTH love doing that!

Dee said...

my little one has her "happy box", at present, it just has a bath toy in it with a blankie.