Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Whole Lotta Nothing

I find myself writing this post with no clear direction of where it is going. I had a couple of makeshift ideas, but to tell you the truth, I'm so preoccupied with our ongoing real estate saga that I forgot what my ideas were. So this is going to end up being a weird stream of consciousness post.

Okay--the real estate thing goes something like this...(I'll link back to some posts about it here and here in case you don't know what I'm talking about.) Long story short, we have brought in another realtor on the case. He is a friend of ours and I am hoping that he can get through to the seller and get the deal done--otherwise we will drop the whole thing and continue with our renovation.

So here's how it stands--we re-presented our offer but added a contingency to sell our house first (because the market has gotten so much worse) but with a more aggressive approach, really outlining how terrible the housing market has been around here and providing comps proving that our offer is a good one.

The scary thing is that if he accepts it, we will have to put our house on the market in five days! That really freaks me out, but I'm trying not to dwell on it. Also, I keep going back and forth--wondering if we're better off buying that house or sticking with our renovation. I'm so sick of thinking about it! The thought of change scares me and the thought of renovating exhausts me. I'm so confused right now, I didn't know what I want! But, in any case, I should find out which direction we'll be going soon and I will keep you all posted.

Onto more random things...I copied Brenda's (from Queen of Good Intentions) menu for this week and tonight I made "Bacon Cheeseburger Chicken" (it's really only chicken--doesn't have anything to do with a burger!) and it was cRaZy delicious! It involves teriyaki sauce, Ranch dressing, bacon and cheese. If those ingredients sound good to you--check it out! needless to say, Pickle LOVED it! Everybody did. I managed to get one makeshift pic before we devoured it:

I also made the rum cake recipe I found on Pioneer Woman. OMG!! It probably had ten million calories--but it's worth it! I don't even have a pic because we were all on it like animals. Oh, also, I made it without nuts beacuse we have all kinds of nut allergies here, but I put brown sugar in the bottom of the pan instead which made a delicious crunchy crust.

Finally, I thought I would grade my resolutions thus far:

--flossing/gum stimulating--B+

--eating only heart healthy foods--B+ (except tonight's dinner was clearly an F!!)

--not eating any food after dinner--A-

--going to watercolor class--A

--painting 3 times a week--C (I've only done it once, but I might work on it tonight).

--exercising--B- (I've been working out w/ the trainer, but not by myself).

So I haven't been perfect, but I will keep trying to improve!!

Sorry for this stupid, disjointed post!



Anonymous said...

I hope the real estate saga smoothes out soon! As I'm sure you know, once you stop worrying about something, it usually works itself out. Try to relax! The chicken recipe looks crazy good! I'm going to have to try that for sure!!! You're doing pretty good on your resolutions too! Keep it up!! I love all your posts...random or not! lol!

SouthernDogwoods said...

I was wondering about the real estate status. I am excited for you guys at the prospect of moving into a new home - I know it would freak me out too but I think it would be exciting also!
Thanks for keeping us posted. Gonna try the chicken dinner - Wow! Looks delicious!

Ronda's Rants said...

Wow...I did a real estate post today as well...I think you are doing great with your resolutions!

Brenda said...

We gobbled up our chicken too (the name confuses me as well, but I just copy what I see!). I've also made the same recipe with BBQ sauce instead of the teriyaki and it is awesome too!

Anonymous said...

That recipe sounds just crazy enough to try. Pickle's recommendation sealed it.


Queen of Feisty said...

I tell bloggers all the time, that these are some of my favorite posts that are done.

Yeah, there random, but they are necessary for you to clear your head of random things.

Good luck with the real estate, food looks yummy, I might be looking them up, and I did kick ass for a week on my resolutions... yeah, not so good this week... keep trying...


Kori said...

I hope everything goes the way you want it too with the real estate issue.

Also I went over to check out that chicken recipe but the link isn't right. It keeps taking me to your post about the time ya'll went to meet the guy that owns the house.

Just wanted to let you know.

Sandi said...

Great job thus far. A report like that at my house deserves an ice-cream sundae!

I understand the real estate drama. I hate change too! KEep us posted.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Kori--I think I fixed the link? Blogger was being all weird last night when I set those up!

Kristin said...

I hope that the real estate people don't read about the vermin. LOL. Hope things work out soon. Way to go on the resolutions.

Jennifer said...

Wow- that chicken looks really, really good. {printing off the recipe}

I hope everything works out with the real estate situation. Moving to a new house sounds so nice- I'll be living vicariously through you if you do get the new place. ;P

Happy Wednesday girlie!

Erin said...

Ohhh real estate!
We were just approved for our 1st home loan and are going shopping this weekend!!
I am sooo excited but also soo terrified.

Tabitha Blue said...

Hope the house situation works out for you!! It's such a hard market where we are right now, but that looks like it could be a great opportunity!! Good luck, either way.

Yummy foods... we also make a rum cake that was passed along from family... pretty much the same, and everyone LOVES it. I may have to try that chicken meal though!!

Great resolutions!!


Unknown said...

I think the family and I will be over for dinner tonight.
What time is good for you?

Jen said...

It so sucks to have your life up in the air. I hope that you are given a direction soon.
And those recipes, OMG!!!!! I can almost taste that chicken, it is going on my meal planner for next week.

Mimi said...

Eeek, what choices! Real estate trasactions aren't usually fun, but neither are home improvements! Good luck.

CaraBee said...

That chicken sounds yummy! I will definitely have to try it as my husband goes absolutely gaga over anything bacony (much like Pickle).

I hope the real estate thing works out - definitely keep us posted!

Unknown said...

That chicken looks really good !!!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you re the real estate deal. It sounds like the 'new' house is really nice. I love old homes .. they have a warm feeling about them. Too many of these newer homes have a cold and clinical feel about them.

Keep up the good work on the resolutions!!!~

Anonymous said...

I like posts like shows whats on your mind....which is generally more than one thing.

I know everything with work out for you with the real will end up where you are meant to be!

That chicken does look good!!!!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

Um - I need that chicken right now! I am starving!

The real estate thing will work out. Take some deep breaths and try to think happy thoughts.

Ashley said...

Sounds like you're doing pretty well on your goals. That dish looks amazing... your making my tummy growl. Haha!

Anonymous said...

OMG that chicken sounds so good! Wow. And love that you subbed the brown sugar, that's a good idea.

I can't believe the real estate thing is still going...I hope it works out.

Jo-Jo said...

Oh that chicken looks awesome! Think I could eat that on my diet?

Anonymous said...

Five days. Well, it's always best to make a clean cut. It's less painful that way :)

And the chicken looks yummy. Real yummy. I won't try that Rum Cake since I've promised to wear skimpy lingerie for V Day!

Susie said...

I hope your real estate whoes are eased soon.

Dee said...

good luck with your house! The chicken looks interesting, crunchy.

I love Pickles pony tails in the other post too.

Jenni said...

That chicken looks AWESOME!

I hope you get good news about the house!

Unknown said...

Regarding your Resolutions I think your doing great!
Good luck with the 'house direction'. My head would be spinning.

Jeauxdi said...

BTW...I tagged you! Come by my page to read all about it!


Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

That recipe looks yummy, I printed it out. I think I'll make that this weekend.
Good luck with the house situation. I hope it works out the best for you all!

Shannon said...

The chicken dish looks yummy... definitely going to check the recipe out!