Monday, September 14, 2009

Check Out My Spine!

Over the weekend we went to one of those salvage stores that are filled with stuff removed from old buildings and houses that are about to be torn down--we were searching for some period lighting to use in our new (old) house.

We didn't find anything that panned out, but when I saw this old model of a human spine, I knew I had to have it! It was salvaged from the basement of a hospital that was torn down.
I have it displayed in my new dining room (you can see the color we chose in the background: yam. Likey?). I like the way it looks with my funky old bejeweled lamp.

Here it is a little closer:

I love the red and yellow and green representing the nerves and cartilage and whatnot. It's totally a cool sculpture!

And a bonus pic--this is the dinner I made on Sunday night:

I was so happy to FINALLY have my kitchen back to myself (painters are done in there now) that I went whole-hog and made Julia Child's cheese souffle. I found an old PBS video and cooked along with her--it was fun! And very delicious--I highly recommend it.

Have you guys seen the Julia and Julie movie? It inspired my to try some of Julia's recipes. I got the fixins for the Beef Bourguignon so I'll be making that one next.



Kori said...

That souffle looks amazing! I love the yam color, too. Glad to hear you are settling in relatively well!

Anonymous said...

Cheese souffle... nom nom


Susie said...

Yummo!! The souffle...not the spine:-) Hee, hee, hee.

noble pig said...

It turned out beautiful! The paint and the souffle! Bravo.

CaraBee said...

Love the paint. Love the spine. And totally impressed by the souffle.

Jessica said...

Very cool spine! LOL And that souffle looks so good! :)

koreen (aka: winn) said...

You know, the spine reminds me that one time I found an actual-old-fashioned wooden birthing table (with the stirrups and everything) and I used that in my house. I cleaned it of course, but I never could eat off it. It became a desk. Unfortunately I lost track of it in one of my many moves around the country.

Ronda's Rants said...

I love the paint color....and Cheese Souffle looks perfect!
You should do your own Vlog...I would cook along with you!

icandy... said...

This is a fantastic place you have here! The spine makes for a wonderful sculpture....considering it's history and where you ran across it. Great conversation piece, girl! Don't worry....I'll be back, I'll be touring the fun house often!

Mimi said...

The yam color rocks, as does the spine and the souffle looks amazing!

Kathleen said...

Hello! I love your blog. The graphics are great. Can't wait to try the souffle!

Kathleen said...

Just tried to send u a comment but it didn't go thru. Anyway, I adore ur blog!! Can't wait to try the souffle!!!!