Wednesday, May 28, 2008

L.A. Trip

We took all 5 kids to L.A. over spring break--it was the first time we attempted to take everyone on a plane. It actually worked out as well as can be expected traveling with an 18 month old. I made the (huge) mistake of not reserving a seat for her--so Don and I had to hold her the whole way--I think I sang "Wheels on the Bus" at least 10 thousand times. But it was a great trip and the kids will definitely have fond memories of it. A few highlights:

All the kids at the ocean (before Andy plunged in and ruined his cell phone...):

The obligatory trip to was more crowded than ever imaginable! We only got to go on 5 rides (and we were there ALL day) but the kids still loved it! Mouse-Bride!
Gooser went stark-raving Disney! Here he is with his mouse hat (he never took it off the rest of the trip!) and his Disney wallet:We went to Hollywood Blvd. where every freak on earth seems to have congregated (Teddy loved it lol!). Here is Pickle with Ozzy's star:

And Gooser with his hero, Spiderman: And his newest hero, Mickey. Kind of a grungy, "street" Mickey though. I think he had a beer bottle behind his back...seriously! Here I am at the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum with a two-headed baby:
Here I am at my beloved Pinkberry!! My order: shaved ice w/ original yogurt plus bananas, kiwi, strawberry, pineapple and mochi.
We loved this place! I found out later that it's Snoop Dogg's favorite restaurant!Andy and Patrick enjoying their chicken and waffles:
Here's a link to Snoop Dogg and Larry King at Roscoe's:

Speaking of Larry King, we also went to his favorite hangout: Nate and Al's Deli. The kids loved the "bagel on a string!"Here are the boys on the way to visit Grandma--look how coordinated they are!!
And Pickle having fun at Grandma's! The boys in the hotel lobby. The Mosaic. I highly recommend it!
Having breakfast on the balcony at The Mosaic!
The Tarpits. The kids are playing on what appears to be a Giant Beaver! Pickle enjoying herself at The Charthouse in Malibu! A highlight for me! The Brady Bunch house!!And finally, a lowlight...stranded at the airport, sitting on the dirty floor. Look at the stains on the carpet! Ewwwww!

Quote of the trip, by Gooser, as we were packing to leave: "I have mine chopsticks and mine wallet and mine Ick (that's his blanket) and mine little pot of honey!"

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