Sunday, November 1, 2009

Worst Halloween Evah!

This pumpkin represents our Halloween this year: soggy, sad and slumped over.
First of all, it rained. And rained and rained and rained.

In the morning I was hopeful that we'd get the rain out of the way in time for trick-or-treating--but no, it actually got worse as the day went on to the point where the sidewalks started flooding.

Although Halloween fell on a Saturday this year, our trick or treating was slated for Friday as the school parade and parties are all part of the Halloween tradition. So the plan was that the kids go to school in the morning and then come home at lunch to get their costumes on--then back to school for the parade, etc.

So I practically swam to school to get the kids at lunch and began the frenzy of costumes and makeup application.

Patrick was going to be a zombie-type Ronald McDonald. (By the way I started earching for Ronlad costumes on eBay, etc. a few weeks ago and they were expensive--like $150! Then I scored one for $20 on Craigslist!)

So anyway, I had just applied Patrick's clown makeup and was trying to get his wig adjusted when he suddenly sluped over Teddy who was sitting in a kitchen chair. At first I thought he was goofing around and bothering Teddy or something--but I was screaming "Get up Patrick!" and Teddy was screaming "Get off me!" and I was like shaking him and stuff when I realized he had fainted!

I was so scared, but he came to and seemed okay, though a little dizzy... I called the doctor who thought it was a fluke due to the humid weather, costume, wig and whatnot--so I kept him home from school for the rest of the day so he could lie down.

I call this pic Clown Down.

So that kind of put a major damper on the day, but after resting for awhile, seemed well enough for trick or treating, so we ventured out into the muck.

Now for some pics:

Pickle, for months now, has been saying she wanted to be a "Pink Girl" for Halloween--but it sounds extra cute when she says it because it kind of sounds like she has a little English accent when she says "girl." The Pink Girl is a "Supergirl" costume she saw in a catalog and she was adamant about it--so that's what she was!

She was thrilled that she could wear some "pink girl makeup" too!
Gooser was a Transformer and Teddy was (a very realistic, I think!) Michael Jackson:
Here's Patrick perked up and Pickle:
All the kids outside--Andy was the Burger King:
Here I am hiding under two umbrellas!
This is what the sidewalks looked like:
Andy had to carry Pickle through all that water!
Action trick-or-treating shot!
I love this pic:
After the candy and the rain, we came home to have our little party, but it wasn't nearly as fun as usual, because my sister and her kids always come--but they couldn't this year because one of her kids was diagnosed with stupid Swine Flu.

But I managed to make some cupcakes:
And the grossly delicious Kitty Litter cake:

And I made some chili and decorated and stuff...
...but it just wasn't the same.

Let's hope next year is better!!


noble pig said...

Those costumes are the BEST even if Halloween was the worst! I love Ronald & Michael, just awesome! And your came out so gross too...PERFECT!!

Allison said...

Sorry it wasn't that great for you guys...but it looks like you made the most of it!

Shannon said...

Holy moly... between the rain and Patrick fainting... I can't believe you didn't just call the whole thing off and crawl under the covers! 'Cause that is what I would've done!

Allison is right... sounds like you all made the best of what you could. Hope next Halloween is 100 times better!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I hope next year is better, too.
The costumes are awesome!
My daughter fainted once when her stepmom was drying her hair. She had been holding her head back for a few minutes(facing the ceiling) and for some people, that causes them to faint.

CaraBee said...

I love all of their costumes! So creative and individual. We got a bunch of rain here, too. We hadn't planned on it, because she's still so little, but that was the nail in the coffin of us taking our daughter trick or treating this year.

I can't imagine how freaked out you were when Patrick fainted! Crazy!

Rebecca Jo said...

I feel bad for laughing at the comment "I call this CLOWN DOWN"... but that was pretty funny!

The kids all look great! I didnt expect anything less from your household!

Rebecca said...

We had crap weather too...great costumes on your kids though! Pickle is so cute as Pink Girl!

Jen said...

Your kids costumes are awesome!

Next will be even better, I am sure.

Susie said...

Everybody looks so cute! I am sorry it wasn't more fun!

Mimi said...

I adore kitty litter cake!

Kathleen said...

The costumes were adorable! You know how some times the memories of a crumby event start to get funny? Well maybe this will be one of those. I mean "clown down".....

Becky said...

After all that effort, it sure looks like a pretty good Halloween!

Sorry it rained so much!

aa said...
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